" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 28, 2020

Phil's Dream/Nightmare and Other Weird Studies?

Hmm ... July 26th?!
That's a screenshot of my iPad from the morning of July 26th, 2020 when I woke up hearing the last 6 minutes of episode 68 of the 'Weird Studies' podcast -
Weird Studies Podcast #68: On James Hillman's 'The Dream and the Underworld'
The Dream and the Underworld
Ironically I had gone to bed with my iPad next to me while I was trying to listen to episode 71 of the 'Weird Studies' podcast, but I fell asleep about half way through that episode and my iPad just continued playing automatically down the 'Weird Studies' podcast list until I snapped out of my dreamworld when episode 68 was nearly finished playing.
Weird Studies Podcast #71: The Medium is the Message
Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man
Listening to the last 6 minutes of episode 68 in bed, I got up out of bed and then went downstairs to the kitchen to make myself a coffee, and then listened to that 68th episode from the beginning.
Considering the name Philip means "lover of horses" I thought that it was amusing that episode 68 of the 'Weird Studies' podcast starts off with J.F. Martel recalling an e-mail his co-host Phil had sent him last October (Halloween?-) about a prophetic nightmare he had about a virus entity.
The ABC Coronacast and the Logo?
I then listened to episode 10 of the 'Weird Studies' podcast, which was about PKD -
Weird Studies Podcast: Philip K. Dick: Adrift in the Multiverse
It wasn't lost on me either that all of this weird s#it happened to me on the morning of July 26th, which just happened to be
Carl Jung's and Stanley Kubrick's birthdays;-)
I've got to stop sleeping with my iPad I think:-)

Hmm ... July 16th hey?-)
I also thought it was amusing that J.F. Martel mentions how much he detests Christoher Nolan's movie 'Inception'as I have the ex-rental disc in front of me as a reminder to watch it again before the movie 'Tentet' hits the cinema screens.

But because of the Covid 19 virus the studio keeps moving the release date for 'Tenet'.
Is that a nightmare looking at a rat in 2020?!
It's becoming a nightmare to keep up with these release dates in 2020:-)
The Medium is the Message: Why the Ibis, and Where did those Wolves Go?
The Nightmare (2015)
Weird Studies Podcast: The Dark Eye: On the Films of Rodney Ascher

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