" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 13, 2020

A Trip to Greece When the Cinemas Reopened?

Are those masks Covid 19 proof?-)
 The Screen Show: Cinemas reopen, space and scandals
Cinemas re-opened in my part of the world in June, although the drive-in had been allowed to open well before June, as the risk of catching Covid 19 was much less in going to the drive-in under social distancing rules, than going to the cinema -
Back to the Drive-in in 2020?
The Hawthorne Deluxe Cinema, Brisbane, Australia
I told my eldest son to pick out a movie he wanted to see that was playing at the cinema on opening week and he settled for
'The Trip to Greece', probably through lack of choice in first release movies more than anything, but this worked out good for me, as that is the movie I wanted to see, having seen the three other "Trip" movies before this one.
David Carradine, Hawthorne and Tanner's Ghost?
The Hawthorne Cinemas, Brisbane, Australia
Across the road in another cinema 'Titanic' was playing, which I thought was ironic, since Australians aren't allowed to travel overseas anymore in 2020 (well, not unless you wanted to spend a heap of money on 14 day quarantines to every country that would let you in) and the cruise-ships have stopped sailing in 2020 after doing their best to spread corona-virus all around the world.
Ironically the cinema across the road showing the movie 'Titanic' is the cinema I saw 'Zorba the Greek' in years ago and which has the Anthony Quinn painting 'Triumph' hanging at the entrance, and which I wrote about in this old post -
Triumph as the Painting by Anthony Quinn Returns?
Triumph, the painting by Anthony Quinn at the Hawthorne cinemas
My younger son and I did go a few days later and watch 'Titanic' at another cinema closer to the CBD -
The Director of 23 and Phone Booth Passed Away Today?
To keep with the Greek theme on the night I had offered to shout my eldest son a free sit down meal at 'The Yiros Shop' not too far away from the cinema, before the movie started.
Unfortunately we had to make do with take away on the night, because Covid rules meant the dine-in tables were barred on the night.
Good food though, and we will be back when the tables and chairs are back in service.
I couldn't help thinking of another Greek themed movie which would have made a good double feature with the movie we were seeing that night, considering who the producers were;-)
A Greek Tragedy?
It seems people were a little weary of venturing out to the cinema on reopening weekend, as we were the only ones in the cinema on the night.
Unless people weren't keen on seeing this movie that we were going to see?
We were shown trailers of movies that probably would have normally been coming out soon, but with Covid 19 were being pushed back to the tail end of the Year of the Rat.
The Tao of Wonder Woman?
Why does that 'Wonder Woman 1984' trailer above seem to sum up 2020?-)
Ironically there was a reference to a 'Faulty Towers' episode that was pulled in 2020 temporarily which was about "The War".
Hey, I'm from a Jewish family background and I like that episode ... because I get the joke, unlike a lot of easily offended do-gooders without a sense of humour.
Sad news with the passing of Louis Mahoney, too.
Timing is everything in comedy ... and life too, it seems?
Especially those masks on the movie poster in the time of Covid 19/2020?-)
I gave my son a birthday card that had the words 'EAT CAKE' on the front, and then when opened read "if not now, when?"
I was surprised to learn from a book I bought at a recent book sale that birthday cakes originated in Greece.
I guess under the circumstances of 2020 our birthday outing was all that I could have wished for on the night then?-)

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