" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 9, 2020

Tales of the Depp: "Wino Forever" and The Cruel Sea?

Sun's claim Depp beat ex-wife 'lies', court told
I couldn't help thinking of the song played at last/this year's 2020 New years Eve Fireworks in Oz from 'The Cruel Sea' by Tex Perkins titled 'The Honeymoon is Over', and all the controversy in the press the next day/year about that song being sung that night, which is just all water under the bridge now, it seems -
How Did Sneaky Sound System's Song UFO Get on the 2020 Sydney Fireworks Soundtrack?
Tex Perkins Fires Off at PM ScoMo on a Night at the 2020 Fireworks?
Depp's last 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie was filmed on and around Queensland's Gold Coast, as was Amber Heard's big blockbuster 'Aquaman'.
And it looks like Gold Coast resident sweetheart Margot Robbie is going to steal Depp's thunder.
Dead Ringers?!
Johnny Depp is dominating the headlines for his ongoing Libel trial against The Sun
"Sirens of the Sea" World and Coasting with Archetypes?
Locals say area is known for its sharks
Alex “Chumpy” Pullin, drowned on the Gold Coast on Wednesday
What caused Aussie Olympian to drown?
Tell yourself it's all just coincidence, or some BS Illuminati plot, or it's Satan/The Devil for more BS theories, if that's what floats your unstable boat, but it's hard not to imagine that some dark Jungian archetype isn't swimming around in the "Collective Unconscious" right now and that maybe Chris Knowles is on to something (although I'm pretty sure that Chris knows not what) at his
'The Secret Sun' blog.
Chris certainly has some nut-bag weirdos commenting on his posts, who in my un-humble opinion haven't got a clue what's going on either:-)
The Chinese man had paddled from North Stradbroke Island to nearby Peel Island
And don't ask me what's going on, but drownings in Oz are ridiculously high in the news right now.
Released on Carl Jung's  and Stanley Kubrick's birthday?
Is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a New Level of Genius ... or Just One Accidental Subconscious Synchromystic Trip?

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