" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 21, 2020


I haven't even watched 'SKYMAN' yet
and I gave this review a
thumbs up:-)
I listened to this latest 'Somewhere in the Skies' podcast about the movie 'Skyman' and it pretty much confirmed what I had written about Ryan and his motivations for getting involved in UFOs -
Somewhere ... Beyond the Black Rainbow?
The Truth is So Out There Dude?
11 Director credits and
11 Writer credits on IMDB?-)
Charlie Sheen was born
Carlos Irwin EstΓ©vez
on September 3
Wow, there's a "happy coincidence", Dan shares a birthday with Charlie Sheen on September 3rd.
That's kind of like an encounter of the 3rd kind when it comes to synchronicity, don't you think?-)
Now there is a movie waiting to be made there with a character study of Charlie Sheen's life and motivations, don't you think Dan?
You could even take the piss out of Charlie's life for a few laughs, like you did with Mike and probably rake in 2 and a half times as much money doing it:-)
Soon as I watched the trailer for 'Skyman' I knew you had based Carl on Mike, Dan.
And just as I thought I was on to something there, you admitted it right in the middle of the podcast.
At least you were honest there Dan.
I'll bet Ryan is kicking himself not making a similar movie, since Ryan did mention in an interview that he got into this UFO stuff originally to research a play that he was writing about a UFO incident.
MUGS for MUGS?-)
The most useless question to ask
 someone if they are f
I like how the actor who plays Carl in 'Skyman' is actually named Mike in real life, and I just wonder where Dan got the idea to use the name CARL?-)
CARL REINERoceros and a MELephant in the Room?-)
Probably just all "happenstance", or a "happy coincidence" like you mention at pretty much on the 42-minute mark of the podcast, hey Dan?-)
I might watch 'Skyman' to see how badly you take the piss out of the "Owl Guy" and others WHO fly around in his sphere Dan.
I did a search for it on Amazon Prime and the top two suggestions were 'Joker' and 'LOL Australia'.
I guess there is a message there Somewhere ... ?
The Joker Ignores His Wake Up Call (11:11)?
And Dan I think March 14th (Pi Day), or March 17th (St. Patrick's Day) would have been funnier than March 15th (Ides of March) to place the sighting on:-)
Stephen Hawking's Final Theory: The Universe is a Hologram?
And was it planned to upload the 'Skyman' podcast on the 20th of July Ryan, to coincide with the Apollo 11 "moon landing" and Barney Hill's birthday, or just happenstance?
I think Mike should interview Daniel Myrick on his 'The Unseen' podcast about 'Skyman'.
Now that would be an interesting podcast episode, wouldn't it?-)

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