" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 31, 2020

The End of Dry July?

Go with the Up Flow?-)
My big glass of alcoholic red wine:-) 
I was flicking through a few old Rupert Murdoch owned local newspapers last night while listening to the latest 'Rune Soup' podcast, where Gordon White [wine?-] was talking to 
Mitch Horowitz about his latest book
'The Miracle Habits: The Secret of Turning Your Moments into Miracles' with Gordon talking up the benefits of 'Dry July', while I was sipping away on a large glass of alcoholic red wine (I could have sworn it was just a large glass of water before I started drinking it;-).
And what was that C word I hear you say at around the 14 and a half minute mark of that You Tube, Gordon?!
Can't believe you used that would in such an un-politically correct and vulgar way.
I'll have to send you my book to read Gordon, so you'll be able to use the word (politically) correctly in a sentence in future.
Not that I care about political correctness myself, to be honest, but I can't ever see that word being pulled from the gutter-mouths and redeemed like Inga fantasizes in that book.
In fact, if I happen to slam my finger accidentally in a car door, or with a hammer, that's the word that wells up from my angry subconsciousness like a bastard child being delivered into an uncaring world:-)
Maybe it's time I gave that book away to a secondhand bookstore?
But if I did that the bookstore owner would probably think I was just trying to be a c... never mind.
On the subject of crossing excepted cultural lines, I was reading the above July 13th, 2020 newspaper and saw that
'BEER FANS GO WITH THE FLOW' story about 'Dry July' on page 19 about the non-alcoholic beers available for drinkers who don't want to get s#it faced, and a story about actor Johnny Depp right under it, with the headline "'Actually, Johnny be good'":-)
Well, I guess you can expect Rupert to milk the Depp stories for all they a worth, since Depp is suing 'The Sun'.
I wonder what word Gordon would use to describe Rupert ... and Johnny too, for that matter?-)
The King of Love is a Dead Man ... or is it Just a Flesh Wound?
From the same July 13th, 2020 newspaper
'Murdoch on the Dancefloor', might be a funnier newspaper headline there?-)
Clinton and Lozen Schultz of Sobar Brewing
I remembered reading a story in an earlier April 2020 Courier Mail newspaper about a guy who I could very well be related to, who brews a non-alcoholic line of drinks called 'Sobar' beer.
Clinton Schultz's children asked him to stop drinking "the silly drink”
I have no idea if we are related, but Clinton sure seems to look a bit like me, and my real surname should have been Schultz if my Nan hadn't have given my father his step-father's surname, which is an even better name if I was to own a brewery:-)
I know now that my grandfather had three other half-siblings to my father, but that's all I know, so maybe Clinton is a son of one of those half-siblings?
Maybe one day I'll find out for sure, until then ...
I might just buy a mixed 12-pack, since the stout is sold out, and who knows, come next July I might just go dry also?
Drinking red wine is becoming a bit of a miracle habit:-)

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