" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 19, 2020

UFOs and a Blast From My Past?

I was listening to the free part of the latest 'Mysterious Universe' podcast on the weekend where the guys were talking about a book written by a guy named Graham Phillips, and that name reminded me of a boss' name from when I had a six month's work for the dole scheme job.
I knew my old boss' surname was Philips, but for the life of me I couldn't remember his Christian name.
24.03 – MU Podcast – Tomb 55
I remembered that my old boss used to be proud of telling us that he had some top position at UFO Queensland, so I put his surname and the UFO organization into the search engine and found out his first name was Colin.
I also found a You Tube with Colin giving a lecture from 2017 at that UFO organization, and I thought that he may have grown older in those 30 years since he gave me that six month job position at the Griffith University at Mt.Gravatt as a trainee groundsman/gardener, but he is still talking the same talk as back then pretty much.
That's the Colin Philips (centre of screen) I remember
He always reminded me of one of those English tomb raider/archaeologist eccentrics, and I remember when we started work in the mornings we would be called in for group meetings to be given our work assignments for the day and the other workers would try and keep talking about Colin's latest UFO theories, or the latest news of UFOs that he had, so we would have less time to work until morning tea.
To be honest, it was people like Colin in the UFO field around the time that put me off the subject, with his cocktail mix of truth and obvious fiction.
And looking at that 2017 lecture I see he hasn't changed that much as far as his fact/fiction chats go.
He was a nice guy, but just a little too eccentric for my liking back in those days.
I remember him lecturing me about meat eating when I would come back to work at lunchtime with a Big Mac to eat in the staff canteen. 
And I had to laugh when I would run into the permanent staff sneaking off to have a smoke and they would ask my not to tell Colin they smoked, as Colin frowned on smoking:-)
It was fun working with the guys at the University for six months mowing the footy fields and planting trees and making gardens, but when the government funded six months was up I moved on to bigger things like cleaning the toilets of a 14 story building in the CBD and then working in supermarkets and a Swedish furniture store for most of my life, until my life fell apart like the cheap Swedish crappy furniture that haunted my mortgage paying child rearing days.
But looking back over those working years I have to wonder if I would have changed a thing about those events that got me to where I am today, and I think ...
bloody oath I would:-)
Australia's longest running UFO association
At least Colin still seems to be enjoying talking about aliens all these years on, but I get the impression that Colin wouldn't even recognize an alien, even if he worked along side one for say six months ... hypothetically speaking of course;-)

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