" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 5, 2023

Do I Thank the Book Angel or the Book Bunny?👼🐰

Last Sunday after seeing the Movie
'Cocaine Bear' at the cinema with my youngest son (relax, he's in his late 20s) we went to grab a burger and fries (and a beer for me) at 'The Burrow' afterwards, because I had seen a picture a few months back on the restaurant's Facebook page of a book swap shelf and I had a few rabbit themed books and DVDs I had been putting aside for my next trip to a secondhand bookstore, but when I saw the picture below I thought why not just have a meal there one night or day and drop them off there and see if a book I need to read is there to greet me?
Cocaine/Russian Bear?🐻🌲💩
The Photo I saw on The Burrow's web page months ago
My bag of books and DVDs to give away on the day
Oddly enough, I realized I had 'Bee Movie' starring Ray Liotta as himself in my bag of books and DVDs to give away and that 'Cocaine Bear' was the last completed film that he was in before he died.
A scene from 'Bee Movie'
The cinema showed a trailer for Woody Harrelson's latest movie 'Champions' and I had his DVD 'Go Further' in the bag, too.
Can We Go Any Further in 2023?🐰🚵
But as I looked around The Burrow for the book swap shelf I couldn't find it anywhere until I looked over my shoulder and saw where it once was, but was no more.
The books I had carted to
The Burrow
The Shelly's Bookswap sign was there, but no shelf or books ... DOH!
The section of The Burrow where the book swap shelf used to be
I said to my son that I really only suggested eating at The Burrow so I could drop these books and DVDs off and see if there was one book waiting for me as a destined book, which I had a strong feeling I would run across dropping these books off at The Burrow.
He said that there should be plenty of front yard book exchanges around there we could drop them off in and looked up his phone and said there were 8 located around the area, so we headed off to one down near the West End ferry terminal where there was a homemade book exchange about as big as a phone box.
And what should I find among the books in this book exchange?
Book 2 in a 3 book series, where I had read/listened to book 1 'The Rosie Project' years ago on an audio book I had purchased, but had long since given away -
Rose, Rosie and The Rosie Effect/Project
And I had a signed book 3
'The Rosie Result', which I still haven't read, because I never did buy book 2 'The Rosie Effect' and I wanted to read that book first ... and now I can because of the book angel/bunny putting the book in my path>;-)

And the funny thing is that the previous owners had left the sales sticker on the back cover, and I could see that the book was bought from 'The Avid Reader' bookstore where I had met the author and bought his 3rd book in the series, which I wrote about in this old post -
"Confronting my grandmother the Baba Yaga"?
I also received an email this week letting me know that the author of those books was doing a few workshops at The Avid Reader next weekend ... not that I'll be going though.
The Dance of Chance for an Avid Reader?

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