" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 13, 2023

Oscar Night/Day 2023?🎬👏

I used to go to the cinema on Mondays and watch The Oscars live on an Australian cinema screen, then after the La La Land debacle where the Best Picture Oscar was given out to the wrong film (which I believe should have been the right film) and then Green Book winning Best Picture when it was nowhere near the best picture I decided to just stay home and watch it live on TV.
Viggo Mortensen and Synchronicity?
Today I'll be working, so I might catch a replay tonight when I get home to see if The Oscars can go even further downhill since La La Land lost when it should have won.
What Just Happened in La La Land?!
Oscars 2023: 10 things you need to know?
If 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' wins Best Picture it may restore some of my faith in The Oscars being about honouring a film on its merits instead of playing politics.
And maybe I might return to the cinema to watch them next year?
ONCE Upon a Time.../The Fabelmans?🥯

UPDATE: March 13th, 2023
Everything Everywhere All at Once sweeps the night
Looks like I picked the wrong day not to go to the cinema, as The Oscars mostly got it right for once in my opinion ... Doh!!!
Looks like I might have to take the day off next year ... if I'm still on the planet ... or the planet is still here;-)
I never knew that David Byrne had written a song for the movie's soundtrack until seeing him perform the number with sausage fingers on the night:-)
Not one of his better songs though -
David Byrne's American Utopia (2020)?

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