" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 12, 2020

Grief 2 Growth, Paradoxical Movements and Living Up in the Sky with Christopher Knowles?

Magicians are good at casting spells?-)
I'd not heard of the 'Paradoxical Movements' podcast until my blogging mate Chris Knowles at his 'The Secret Sun' blog wrote about recently being interviewed there -
Paradoxical Movements Podcast: Living Up in the Sky with Christopher Knowles
Whilst the 'Paradoxical Movements' podcast looks interesting when reading through the past shows in the archives, I've only listened to the episode featuring Chris so far, plus the two Blipverts right at the beginning of the list.
I found the Blipvert 'Consider the Seed' rather synchy, as I had just found an interesting podcast hosted by Brian Smith called the
'Grief to Growth' podcast where Brian's motto is
"Planted, not buried" and his podcast logo shows a sprouting seed.
I like listening to this podcast, or watching the You Tubes of the podcasts.
I listened to two good ones at 'Grief 2 Growth' recently, one featuring Tricia Barker, and another one featuring Debra Diamond.
And I had also listened recently to the podcast episode featuring Ellen Whealton, which I wrote about here -
Musical Therapy, Synesthesia and Yellow Rabbit Holes?
I'm with Brian when it comes to toxic religions, and while I'm not really into Christianity, I can tolerate people who are, as long as they aren't the ones who think everybody is heading for hell, except them.
I believe in hell as much as I believe in a flat Earth, not to say that there aren't hellish realms you could land in for a while to teach you a lesson or two, but I don't believe in an everlasting hell that a loving God would place you in.
It's good to listen to thought provoking podcasts while out journeying, or even just working around the home.
These are two podcast shows to listen to before you die, as they say in the marketing world:-)
And I'll have to read Chris Knowles' novel (which I have a Kindle version of on my iPad) before I die, too.

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