" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 20, 2020

The Secret of Uncut Gems?

Here is an amusing and thought provoking double feature you can watch on Netflix right now, not that they are paired together, I just happened to watch them back to back on Netflix the other night.
I'm no real fan of 'The Secret' and I can't say that Adam Sandler is one of my favourite actors, but 'Uncut Gems' and 'The Secret' watched back to back can be a quite amusing combo:-)
Adam Sandler, Kevin Garnett, and LaKeith Stanfield
in Uncut Gems (2019)
The Secret (2006)
Adam Sandler, Kevin Garnett, The Weeknd, and Julia Fox
an event fo
r Uncut Gems (2019)
'Uncut Gems' is about a rock containing opals mined from Africa, which appear to be cursed, which Sandler's character Howard RATner tries to sell to the Boston Celtic's Kevin Garnett.
Ratner loans it to Garnett as a kind of a test drive before the purchase.
Ratner sees the opals have a very positive effect on Garnett's attitude and decides to place some very large sums of cash on Garnett and the Boston Celtics, while Ratner tries to avoid ironically Boston gangsters, that Ratner owes money to.
Eerily synchromystic I felt, 'Uncut Gems' being released in January on Netflix, with the death of Kobe Bryant also occurring in January in the Year of the Rat(ner?).
Bryant does get a mention in 'Uncut Gems', as well.
Kobe Bryant/Daddy's Home/Australia Day?
Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems (2019)
Is that a crown/corona above a diamond in that shot above, along with Egyptian ankh and a potential gremlin?
And guess who is Ratner's diamond princess/queen in
'Uncut Gems'?-)
Idina Menzel in Uncut Gems (2019)
Diamond[s] Princess and a Siren Song Followed by a Parasite Ending Oscar Night?
"Cracked a rib as a result of a fall through a trap door during a matinΓ©e show in "Wicked" on 8 January [David Bowie's and Elvis' birthday, by the way;-] 2005, and could not perform the next day, what was to be her last performance.
Her standby Shoshana Bean covered for her, but Idina made a special out-of-costume appearance and did her final song to a standing ovation before being bid farewell at the curtain call (along with Joey McIntyre who was also leaving that day)."
Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems (2019)
Notice how in the movie 'Uncut Gems' the rock is sent in the belly of a fish?-)
I haven't watched 'The Secret' for years, but when doing research for this post I had to smile when I saw at the movie's IMDB site that the video was released on September 13th, 2007, as my own father would pass away on September 13th in 2016.
Personally, I think some things are set in stone.
I noticed there is a movie coming out based around 'The Secret' in the Year of the Rat, too.
Dare to dream, I guess, but ...
Adam Sandler and Jacob Igielski in Uncut Gems (2019)
... be careful what you wish for;-)
A bad NEMO/OMEN in 'Uncut Gems'?-)
Synch or swim?

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