" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 21, 2020

Wolf 424/424 Flow?

When I was reading Jacques Vallee's books pictured above there were sections in both books about the star system Wolf 424.
I'd never heard of Wolf 424 before reading these books (not that I've heard the names for most stars named by astronomers) and I wondered if it was a real star system and not just some UFO cult making up the name.
Wolf 424 only got my attention because 424 was my father's old taxi cab number, and that WOLF spelled backwards is FLOW.
From chapter 5 of
'Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact'
The book above was written in 1988 and the other book in the 60s, and in 1993 a Spanish guy claimed to be the fraudster behind the Wolf 424 letters.
"José Luis Jordán Peña (13 October 19319 September 2014 ) was a Spanish engineer.
Higher technician in the field of telecommunications , he became known for his activities in the field of ufology and in particular for having claimed the writing, starting from 1966 , of a large number of typewritten letters, sometimes illustrated by sketches with colored pencils, made go through extraterrestrial messages written by the inhabitants of the alleged planet Ummo and addressed to the inhabitants of the Earth .
He claimed to have written the letters using the typewriter he had at home and the one he had in the office and to have sent them taking advantage of trips abroad.
Peña also confessed to having falsified the photos and traces of the UFO landings sighted in Aluche and San José de Valderas, explaining the details to the Spanish ufologist Manuel Carballal; he revealed that the plastic material found on the site of the San José de Valderas UFO landing, then unknown because it was out of business, was made up of Tedlar (polyvinyl fluoride) used by NASA and he had had a small amount from an engineer of the space agency that was in Spain at the time."
I do think it amusing that Peña was born on 10/13 though:-)
When I was looking for images on the net of Wolf 424 I found the image above taken by a guy named Schultz, which amused me once more, as my father's real surname was Schultz, until my Nan changed his surname to his step-father's Irish surname, because it wasn't good to have a German sounding name going to an Australian school during WWII.
Probably wouldn't have been a good surname to have if he was growing up in Germany at the same time either, I think.
In my search for Wolf 424 I found some neat music from an album titled 'Wolf 424' by a guy named Mário Raposo, and the song in the You Tube above titled 'Time Travelers', from the album 'Wolf 424' was posted by Mário the day before my birthday in 2016 and nine days after my father had died.
The funny thing was both my alarm clock and watch had stopped the morning my father had died, but not stopped on the time he had passed away at.
Still, it struck me as a bizarre coincidence that morning.
A few days after my father's funeral on a drive I took to Sydney I got to look into space and observe Saturn, and also get to hold a meteorite in my hand -
My Observations of Time and Space in Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie fire brigade and #424 
424s Again
The last page of 'Passport to Magonia' ...
 before the lists of sightings, that is.
Not that I believe in the Wolf 424 stuff of José Luis Jordán Peña (I've only read what was in Vallee's two books about it), but what if in his efforts to make up a fictional story about the system he was accidentally remote viewing the system and some entity was helping him out with his BS story and sprinkling a bit of truth among the fiction?
Now that would be out there, wouldn't it?-)
At least his BS tales of Wolf 424 have inspired some good music to be made, so I guess it wasn't a total loss, for me anyway.

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