" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 28, 2020

Think About Things ... and Dream?

I caught Brian's latest 8:01 minute podcast from the 'Grief 2 Growth' podcast and it got me to thinking just how right he is about taking the opportunity to go to an event that on a gut level, even though the rational mind will tell you not to go, because you can't afford it, haven't got the time, it's just a silly old musical, or whatever.
Many times, I have been in that situation, too ... and still am.
But the times (and there have been many) I have followed the heart/gut/emotional self over the head/rational part of myself I have never regretted the experience, and in fact, it opened the door to connecting to other expenses experiences with other fellow travelers that turned out to be much more rewarding than my rational/head mind would have guided me to.
I've written about Brian's podcast in this recent post linked below, because I like the important work he does -
Grief 2 Growth, Paradoxical Movements and Living Up in the Sky with Christopher Knowles?
Brian talks about going to the theatre to see his favourite musical 'Les MisΓ©rables' with his family and how glad he was that he did.
Brian talks about seeing the movie starring Hugh Jackman when it came out at the cinema at the end of 2012 (wasn't that the time the world was meant to end?-).
I'm more of a 'Phantom of the Opera' guy, but I did go and see Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman sing up there on the cinema screen that year, too.
Russell does seem to be proud of that movie, as he has a trailer of the film right next to his mug on his IMDB page.
I like Russ, even though he cheers for the wrong NRL team ... but hey, we can't all be perfect, can we?-)
Icelandic Band's Song Goes Viral
And if you happen to read this post Russ,
I like to think that following the heart/gut connects us all on some level that we couldn't possibly fathom with our rational minds ... and that's something to really think about,
don't you?-)
Oh ... and if I had have listened to my head I wouldn't have written this post.

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