" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 19, 2020

The Magic of the Mercury Retrograde?

Alex Kazemi’s book will be available
online and in print on
Feb. 18
This was a 'Cosmic Keys Podcast' episode I almost passed on, but I'm glad that I didn't.
I haven't read the book 'Pop Magick' yet (maybe because it ain't out yet:-), but I really enjoyed this discussion about "magick" at the 'Cosmic Keys' podcast with Alex.
It sounds like he is on the right path to me, but many a fool has gone astray who thought that they were on the right path, right?-)
Hey, even I think I'm on the right path right now, but God only knows, right?-)
Personally, I don't care about practicing "magick", because if you care to open your eyes, it is everywhere and all around you.
I have no idea what drives or guides someone like ONJ, but I am not so blind to see that the same force she sings about in the clip above drives and guides me, too.
Where-ever her soul is heading is where I'll place all of my chips on, too.
I have no idea what Olivia believes in when it comes to spiritual matters or if she believes in anything at all, and I don't care, because spiritual guidance works on a much deeper level I think.
And so does "magick" I believe.
I don't know what "magick" Olivia is using to stay alive right now, but it seems to be working alright, because if "God" wanted her dead right now I'd say that it wouldn't matter what "magick" she was using, because who can trump The Big Guy in the Sky ... and I don't mean that in a Male/Female dichotomy when I refer to 
"The Big Guy":-)
How is sex even relevant when it comes to the all encompassing force?
A dialectic ... whatever.
And while I do think astrology works ... don't ask me how though ... I couldn't care less about my forecast, because if it is meant to be, well then I'm living it according to the script I was given at birth ... not that I consciously know it, though.
Personally I think the sparrows are just as important to God's  plan as your life, or my life is.
But feel free to strike me down, or hook me off now Big Guy, if you disagree, as I'll be more than happy to leave the stage.
Line ... line!
I don't believe in the Merc Retro any more than I believe in the power of a placebo pill.
But if you do, then stay safe and may "God" be with you ... which SPOILER ALERT ... "God" or "The Universe" always is.
I also find it ironic that Alex is releasing his book in the Mercury Retrograde cycle starting this week.
DJ and Producer Andrew Weatherall Dies on a Monday in a Mercury Retrograde?

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