" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 18, 2020

True History of the Kelly Gang ... and Dan Kelly?

Despite the title, 'True History of the Kelly Gang' is actually a highly fictionalized depiction of the life and times of the Kelly Gang.
Why so serious?-)
Happy Birthday Heath Ledger and Put on a Happy Face?
"True History of the Kelly Gang is the nineteenth on-screen depiction of the Kelly Outbreak.
The outbreak has previously been the subject of seven feature films (plus an unfinished film in 1947), two spoof movies, two teleplays, three short films, a miniseries and three docudramas."
The movie is based on Peter Carey's historical fiction
novel of the same name.
The novel was first published in Brisbane [my hometown] by the University of Queensland Press in 2000.
It won the 2001 Booker Prize and the Commonwealth Writers Prize in the same year.
I'm a big fan of Peter Carey's novel's, but I'm no fan of the Kelly Gang and that was one novel of Peter's that I haven't read yet, and still don't really plan on doing anytime soon, even though I didn't mind the movie.
Peter Carey on Desert Island Discs?
Peter Carey on Desert Island Discs
My signed copy of 
Peter Carey's novel 'Bliss'
Ned Kelly keyring my son
gifted me from
The only thing in my home to remind me of Ned Kelly is a key-ring my son bought me home from his trip to Melbourne, when he went to see the place where Ned was hung.
"The execution scene was filmed at the Old Melbourne Gaol, the same place that the real-life Ned Kelly was hanged.
However the original gallows that Kelly was executed on (which is still there today) was not used. 
Instead the film depicts Kelly's death as taking place on a catwalk in the centre of the cellblock."
Greedy Smith Gone?
"The first film about Ned Kelly, excluding parody films
Reckless Kelly (1993) and Ned (2003) to feature the outlaw without his iconic beard."[?]
I must say that with this film coming out about "the true story of Ned Kelly" things have become eerily synchromystic with real, but at the same time archetypal figures like Ned Kelly and his gang.
What struck me at first when seeing this movie in January, 2020, was how the movie seemed to be filmed in a burnt out bush-land (I've since found out the bush-land was drowned out, not burnt by fire) and by the time the movie was released at the cinema, half of Australia seemed to be on fire.
Including a close call to Russell Crowe's homestead.
Pete writes in his book '30 Days in Sydney' how his house in Sydney was burned down in a bush-fire and how he still can't bear to look at the old property where it once stood -
"30 Days in Sydney" Syncs
Sydney smoke haze
"Russell Crowe's portrayal of Harry Power marks the first time that the outlaw has been depicted in a feature film.
It is also the second on-screen depiction of Power overall, having been previously portrayed by Gerard Kennedy in the miniseries
The Last Outlaw (1980)."
The Luck of the Irish?
Dublin and the Hollywood star?
"After Frank Mills (1906) and Mick Jagger (1970), George MacKay is the third non-Australian actor to portray Ned Kelly on screen."
Mick shares July 26th as a birthday
Kubrick and Carl Jung?
"Earl Cave's (Dan Kelly) father Nick Cave grew up in Wangaratta, a rural suburb 10 km away from Glenrowan, where the Kelly Gang's showdown with police took place."
Earl Cave in
The End of the F***ing World (2017)
The Sick Bag Song
He later edited a essay anthology based on the symposium called "Ned Kelly: Man and Myth". 
Likewise Earl Cave's father, the singer Nick Cave, had an obsession with Kelly as a child, mainly being drawn into the outlaw's place legacy.
This obsession later influenced his music, forming the basis of the rebellious image that he's well-known for."
With all the talk about what is true and what is not, I listened to the latest 'Grave Tales Podcast' episode which talks about a guy from Ipswich in Queensland who claimed he was the real Dan Kelly and survived the shootout and fire and fled to Queensland, only to later die by getting hit by a train while walking across train tracks -
I guess everyone likes to hear a good story, no matter how true it is.
Carl Jung and the End of Humanity?

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