" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 3, 2021

007/008 Mr.Bond/Jones?-)

I noticed a bit of traffic to my old "Andras Jones" posts over the last few days and especially this one a few hours ago -
Andras Jones #88
Which is
synchromystically funny, because my eldest son asked me a few weeks back if I wanted to come over and watch a movie in his apartment complex's home cinema tonight and I asked him if he was interested in watching
'Skyfall' as I had found a DVD I bought among my DVDs which I have never opened and was still wrapped in plastic.
I figured with the new Bond film about to hit the cinema screens around Brisbane finally this month that it might be worth watching the old Daniel Craig Bond movies to get back up to speed before going to the cinema to check out 'No Time To Die'.
I told my son Kevin that he should get a Kevin 007 t-shirt made up to wear when we go see the new Bond movie at the cinema:-P
Synchronicity: The Unifying Connection?
I saw Kevin Rudd on the TV yesterday when I was watching the Melbourne Cup and have to say that he is giving Barnaby Joyce a run for his money in the high blood-pressure stakes;-)
'Nightmare on Elm Street 4' next time ... and order pizzas?-)

UPDATE: November 4th, 2021
I hadn't seen 'Skyfall' since it came out at the cinema, but having seen Daniel Craig in the movie 'Knives Out' and knowing he has signed on for two sequels, it seems rather ironic that 007 kills the badie with a ... well, I won't spoil the ending of 'Skyfall' for you just in case you haven't seen it yet and may want to watch it:-)
I can't believe 'Skyfall' is nearly 10 years old now.
I was sitting at 'Madame G''s Chinese Restaurant having dinner with my youngest son and looking out at the Brisbane skyline and thinking that half of these buildings weren't even here 10 years ago.
I'm pretty sure the building on the other corner was though:-)

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