" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 9, 2021

Out and Back: The Owls and Maps Aren't What They Seem?

The Map is Not The Territory
I was listening to Mike Clelland on the 'Out and Back' Podcast again last night which is hosted by a guy who loves the Appalachian Trail and I was thinking how I would have loved to do that trail in my younger years, then I see on the Australian national news a story about an 83-year-old guy doing it!?
I also watched some You Tubes with Mike talking about hiking and not owls for once, and this one even involved a green-eyed woman who went hiking with him;-)
It's been a bizarre synchromystic week of podcast listening and
You Tube watching for me this week.
I wrote about listening to the latest Mike Clelland podcasts I could hind in this post - 
The Mystery of Owls ... Earthlings and UFOs?
#39. Mike Clelland - Owls and UFOs
Pop-Up Ideas: Simon Garfield: Maps and Mistakes
Maybe modern map-makers could swap elephants for owls?-)
I've also been listening to podcasts featuring Simon Garfield, like the one above about his fascination of maps:-) 
The book that I'm reading now:-)
I think the thing that really fascinates me about Mike is not his UFO stories, but his owl stories.
And the synchronicity stories of course -
Hollywood/Halloween, Curses and ... Frogs?
Andrew “Shanty” Baldwin?!
Mike talks about
"powerful owl" stories in the 'Out and Back' podcast, which I find amusing, as I have been out many times to try and spot Australia's biggest owl ... the Powerful Owl ... and I haven't succeeded yet -
Somewhere on Euphomet via a Search for the Owl Guy and Some Real Owls?
Lightning striking Mount Coot-tha last week
I must remember not to go
owl spotting on Mount Coot-tha if a storm is brewing unless I want to become a real shaman ...
or dead:-)
Mount Coot-tha the home of Brisbane's powerful owls
The Lord of the Rings and the Mind's Eye?
crow letting in a UFO?
Owls, Eagles and UFcrOws?
Maybe I need to upgrade my PGS system?-)

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