" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 15, 2021

No Time To Die ... The End?

I finally got to see the "new" James Bond movie last night at the cinema, and under fairly pre-Covid like conditions, where no masks were required to be worn at all.
007/008 Mr.Bond/Jones?-)
Ironically, the plot of the movie involves a bio-weapon being stolen from a weapons lab ... but not a lab in China, though:-)
Luckily I saw this sign above after I had already chosen my beer for my mother's birthday party next weekend or I might have seen this beer ad at the cinema as another sign;-)
1881 ... The Deadman's Hand?!
Boag's Brewery Turned 140 in 2021?
I found it ironic that when I bought a packet of salt and vinegar chips from the candy bar for $3.50 and paid with a $5 note, I got in change a 1999 $1 coin celebrating the
'International Year of the Older Persons' (what was that implying I wonder?-) and a 1983 50 cent coin showing  much younger
Queen Elizabeth II from the 1999 $1 coin.
When I think of 1999 I think of all the movies I like from that year, such as 'The Matrix', 'Eyes Wide Shut' and 'Fight Club' ... just to name a few.
The Matrix was filmed mostly in Sydney, Australia, too.
So it was kinda a bit dĂŠjĂ  vu to see a trailer for
the new Matrix movie screen before the new Bond film, just after receiving a 1999 $1 coin in my change at the candy bar.
It seemed rather darkly ironic that these two movie posters are on the street corner that the cinema is on, and could easily make a good double feature, as far as the family theme goes in both movies, not that I have seen 'Boss Baby: Family Business', but I did watch the trailer where Alec Baldwin's character Ted says he could kill for ... something, or other;-)
Unlike Trump, I like Alec, and do feel sorry for him over this accidental shooting on the film set of 'Rust', but money and time rule our lives it would seem, and while you can always make more money, you can't make more time ... or get it back

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