" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 17, 2021

Real Risk: Romeo & Juliet on THAT!?

Deep Ocean Exploration -
Film Maker 
James Cameron
I listened to the director of the movie
Titanic, James Cameron, talk to cave diver and host of the 
'Real Risk' podcast Richard Harris about James' love of submarines and making movies in the ocean for IMAX screens, which was quite ironic in hindsight considering I saw the latest James Bond film
'No Time To Die' at the old Brisbane IMAX cinema that night -
EP 1 The Good Doctor –
Real Risk with Richard Harris
I'm not really into podcasts about extreme sports people and other daredevils with a death wish, as I'd rather watch them in action on the small screen.
The only reason I stumbled across this podcast was from me searching for recent podcasts featuring Jessica Watson talking about her new Netflix movie getting the green light ... finally.
True Spirit Becalmed No More?
S2 E3 210 Days Alone On the Ocean –
Jessica Watson
The Netflix movie is only mentioned in passing in that 'Real Risk' episode, so while the Apple Podcast episode went up on
September 16th, 2020 (the 4th anniversary of my father's funeral BTW) there probably wasn't much concrete happening with the production of the film at that time ... again.
TRUE SPIRIT: The Movie, Is Ready to Set Sail
Avatar 2 directed by James Cameron
If it wasn't for looking for podcasts featuring Jess I probably would never have stumbled across the 'Real Risk' episode featuring 
James Cameron talking about his elevator pitch for the movie 'Titanic' being presenting a photo of an oil painting of a sinking Titanic and saying "Romeo & Juliet on that":-)
I guess now I know why Leo was picked to play Jack;-)
Life can be cruel and happy endings are rare it seems in the big scheme of things -
When Life Knocks the Wind Out of Your Sails?
Well, I won't be taking any
"Real Risks" between now and 'Avatar 2' coming out, so I can live to see my fellow Sharkie Supporter Brendan Cowell in the next couple of Avatar films.
But he better have more screen time in these movies than he had in 'Game of Thrones' or I'm going to wish I had have taken some real risks in-between:-)
Plus I hoping to see that movie about a cave rescue on the big screen, too -
Earth Swallows Boys and Boy Swallows Universe?

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