" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 5, 2021

Simon Garfield, Anna Webb and 'A Dog's Life' at the Movies on Halloween ... and Oddball/Dog Dies at 13?

Tula is being remembered as the "matriarch"
of the canine pack
who loved her work
EPISODES of A Dog's Life with Anna Webb
Talk about bizarre timing, I recently wrote a post about listening to Simon Garfield talk about his new dog book on various podcast episodes I found on the world wide web, not that I wanted to hear him talk about dogs at the time, because I was (and still am) reading his book 'Timekeepers'
I found it amusing that a guy with a cat sounding last name like "Garfield" was so into dogs when I was listening to Simon tell Anna about is latest dog Ludo being 13 and a half years old now and how Anna and Simon have taken their dogs to the dog cinema to watch dog movies with their dogs:-)
Then as I was listening to that podcast episode of 'A Dog's Life' podcast, the latest one dropped onto my iPad (since I was temporarily subscribed to the feed at the time) and it was about movies you can watch with your dog about dogs on Halloween ... bloody loopy dog owners;-)
A Dog's Life with Anna Webb: Rupert Sheldrake
Then I scrolled down the podcast list to see if there were any other podcast episodes Anna had recorded that I might find interesting (with me being more of a cat person) and I found one where she chatted with Rupert Sheldrake, which I enjoyed, being a fan of Sheldrake's work -
Rupert Sheldrake's Ways to Go Beyond and Why They Work?
Then I see in the news this week that the dog who the movie 'Oddball' was based on died at 13 years of age recently:-( 
I found it odd how in the latest Halloween movie edition Anna says how she is against fox hunting as the movie Oddball is about a dog who protects the penguins from the foxes that were killing them and depleting their numbers, until Oddball/Tula started watching over them:-)
So there is another dog themed movie to play at the dog cinema and ponder over I reckon, but I just can't find the time with all the books and podcasts on my list right now, although I would love to ... meow:-)
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