" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 14, 2021

Boag's Brewery Turned 140 in 2021?

1881 ... The Deadman's Hand?!
I was looking in the mirror this morning at the neckline of my Boag's t-shirt thinking what a cheap piece of s#it it turned out to be in the end.
I had only decided to wear it instead of it just hanging in my wardrobe as a souvenir of my 2016 road-trip to Tasmania, and in about 3 weeks of regular wearing it has all but fallen apart, with the neckline and sleeves distorting worse than any t-shirt I have ever worn over that long a period.
I'll just wear it to bed now until it falls apart further, then I'll use it as an oil rag maybe.
I had a chuckle seeing the year that the brewery was established in the mirror of 1881 as it really isn't effected by the mirror-reverse image ... and it's "The Deadman's Hand" of poker fame, too:-)  Then I realized that it was the brewery's 140th anniversary in 2021.
I was wondering what beer I should buy as a six-pack to take to my sister's place next weekend for our mother's birthday get-together, so problem solved by the Great Dealer in the Sky giving me a wink from the looking-glass -
Born September 13th?!
Being a bit of a 'Church/Kilbey' fan who has written many a blog post about seeing the band play live, I can't help but see how my life just gets more and more ironic as I look back at the cards I've been dealt and the hands I've played in my game of life.
My father passed away on September 13th (2016), and Steve Kilbey was born on September 13th, too.
I also find it ironic that Steve is exactly 10 years and 10 days older than I am:-)
Crystal Head Vodka, Father's Day and Death
Looks like I'll be drinking
Boag's next weekend at my mother's birthday party, not that I'm telling God my plans that is;-)
My mother's last surviving sibling lives in Launceston, Tasmania ironically, and won't be at the party next weekend. 

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