" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 20, 2021

There is No Archaeology Higher Than the Truth ... Can You Dig It?-)

Pseudo-Archaeology Podcast
Debunking Pseudo-Archaeology - Episode 1
I stumbled across the 'Pseudo-Archaeology' podcast when I was digging for information about podcasts on the Theosophical Society through Apple Podcast searches, because I had recently finished a book about the American section of the TS and its history as told boringly by the late Joy Mills.
I'm not a Theosophist, but having been a member of their library for many years in my late teens growing up in Brisbane I have a soft spot for the society, even though I find some of their myths just BS to my beliefs about the world ... and beyond.
Still, the beauty of their "beliefs" are that you are free to believe them or not, or so they say anyway.
I like the TS motto of "there is NO religion higher than truth" and have a trinket with their motto on it in my computer room, not that they have any better grasp on the truth than most of those world religions either IMO.
Keep digging for the truth I say, you dig?-)
Sleep Talking From Almost 99 Years Ago and Being "Woke" Today?
So I was surprised to hear David Anderson, who claims to be an atheist archaeologist giving the thumbs up to the modern day TS, even though he thought a lot of their own mythology and stories from the founding mothers and fathers of the TS were just a mix of truth and BS.
I actually like the 3 objectives of the TS, I just don't believe in Blavatsky's and Co.'s tall tales.
Jason Colavito and Ancient Aliens - Episode 14
Maybe it's just me being born on the cusp of Virgo/Libra that I tend to weigh up woo-woo and "scientific" claims and don't fall for things as easily as others do?-)
Contact? Check! - B - Patterns In Big Apple Pi Gate?
I've been watching old series of
'Ancient Aliens' lately, not because I believe in what "Ancient Alien Theorists believe", but for the spectacular sites they visit from around the world, so I too can ponder for myself about these ancient sites and how the world works ... or doesn't.
So I find it interesting to listen to the real diggers and the digging when it comes to these speculations, as the truth is far from uncovered yet, I feel.
"We are Under Observation" (BY THE GODS?)?
But you can't even believe these archaeologists either, because apart from all their singing about not doing dinosaurs in their intro ... THEY DO DO DINOSAURS!
Looks like the podcast show is no longer active, but there is an interesting archive to dig through at your listening leisure:-)

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