" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 20, 2021

Drumming into Coincidence the Healing Drum?

One of my drumming CDs
The mask my son brought me from Bali:-)
Well this is a very bizarre set of coincidences I thought after listening to to
Dr. Beitman talk to Tim Buckley's ex-drummer
Buddy Helm about the healing power of drumming and coincidence in the You Tube above, which is a You Tube of Dr. Beitman's latest 'Connecting with Coincidence' podcast.
I think I can match them here with a few coincidences of my own now.
It started for me when I was reading Simon Garfield's book 'Timekeepers' and he wrote about the Beatles recording the
LP 'Revolver' which I knew I owned a copy of in CD format somewhere around my home.
As I was looking through my CD collection I was looking up from the floor I was sitting on at the drum I had bought years ago as a motivation reminder to learn to play drums as a form of personal mediation, and while I have mucked around on that drum a few times I have never made an effort to seriously get into it.
And as I'm looking through the CDs searching for 'Revolver' I come across some drumming CDs I had bought around the time I had bought that drum that sits next to my turntable.
The first drumming CD I pulled out was titled
'The Healing Drum' which I took note of thinking that I should do a bit of drumming for fun now and then like I used to do a few years back.
The next drumming CD was Robert Moss' 'Wings for the Journey: Shamanic Drumming for Dream Travelers' and I thought I should get into trying to remember and decipher my dreams more, too.  
Then I pulled out Steven Helpern's 'Higher Ground' and 'Attracting Prosperity' CDs.
Then I put them back in the cabinet and thought to myself that at least I knew where they are now.
And then I took the 'Revolver' CD upstairs and played it a few times on repeat.
When I listened at first to the Buddy Helm podcast it was through my iPad and I wondered what the drumming was going on in the background.
Turned out Buddy was playing the drum as he was talking to Bernie. 
I then watched the talk again on You Tube yesterday and saw the drum that Buddy was playing and couldn't help thinking it looked like a bigger version of the one next to my turntable.
But this was just the tip of the coincidence ice-burg, because Buddy was Tim Buckley's drummer and then talks about
Bruce Springsteen giving him his denim jacket.
That's 'Song to the Siren' Tim Buckley, who I have written who knows how many posts about over the years on this blog?
 And Bruce Springsteen shares September 23rd as a birthday with me, and who I saw play on Valentine's Day 2017 in my hometown of Brisbane (BrisVegas)
Bruce Blasts BrizVegas
The Small World Theory?
Buddy and Tim?
And while I find Buddy's theory about drumming and manifesting interesting, I think that the collective brain and parts in play are way more complex than that, but we all need a hobby to get us out of bed in the morning I guess:-)
Gifts of Unknown Things
I had a listen to my 'The Healing Drum' CD last night and couldn't figure out what was meant to be "healing" about it as to me it sounded like party music for a campfire dance, as the beat was too fast to be soothing and healing and was just making my heart race putting me on edge, because I wanted to relax and slow my heart down.
I took the CD upstairs to place into my new "book exchange box" and threw it onto my bed as I changed into my bedclothes.
It landed on top of a winter blanket I had just washed to put away for next winter and was stunned that the colour of my blanket and cover of 'The Healing Drum' CD were almost a perfect match, not that it looks that way in my cell phone photo because of the flash.
But it hit me that the drum helps the brain to excess the dreaming/self hypnosis part of the mind. 
'Wendy's Coffeehouse' podcast 
I had also just listened to the latest 'Wendy's Coffeehouse' podcast featuring J.M. DeBord, 11.21.21 - Dream Symbols: Cicadas, Fairies and RadOwl's Crash Course in Dream Interpretation, and I couldn't help but think that these two podcast episodes complemented each other like clicking two puzzle pieces together.
When the Men in Black Speak,
You Listen (Wendy) - Ep 10, S1
I then listened to Wendy on 'The Dreams That Shape Us' podcast and thought that was another piece in the puzzle. 
I just woke up with my iPad running through the latest
'The Dreams That Shape Us' podcast episode, which is one of the most emotionally powerful podcast episodes I have listened to for quite some time, so I thought I should include it here before I go back to bed.
Every time I think I know where I am headed with this post it takes me down another (important?) path to make this walk (and post) a little longer.
The Antelope and the Thawing of the
Glacial Heart
(Matt) - Ep17, S1
I had to laugh when I heard Matt say near the end of the episode, and when I was beginning to wake up from a short couple of hours worth of sleep,
"I don't know how people wake up, there are 8.5 billion ways to wake up in the world ...":-) 

Which was when I went right back to the beginning of the podcast episode and listen to it right through ... fully awake this time.
Animal Spirit Guides and Totem Animals?
How to Fly and Wake Up in Your Dreams
 to Transform Your Life
! Robert Moss
Because I had pulled out the Robert Moss CD with the drumming CDs I wondered what he has been up to lately and found a podcast he had been on last Wednesday, so I had a listen and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this one, as I expected this episode to be full of all that catch-phrase WOO-WHO BS that Michael is famous for.
And I was amazed when at the 15 minute mark of the podcast Robert says he was surprised by the host starting the interview with a rooster under his arm and that it must mean something, as when I was looking for the dream-catcher photo I took on my Bribie Island trip I was wondering if that rooster staring up at it in the window meant anything for me at the time?
I guess it does now?-)
I'll pass on Robert's latest book, as it looks too much like 'Big Magic' which was a book I did not like - 
Robert Moss, Sidewalk Oracles
I also listened to a podcast that Robert Moss was on exactly 6 years ago today (21st November) which was about his book
'Sidewalk Oracles' which I once owned, read and gave away -
Sidewalk Oracles: Walking with Eyes Wide Open
You hear people like Robert Moss talk about "the book angel" or "shelf elves" like in the You Tube above, but what about the
"Album Angel" or the "Audio Angel" who throws a CD or LP ... or even a song on the radio our way?-) 
11:11 Podcast: Robert Moss: Active Dreaming
I even listened to a podcast episode of '11:11' that Robert Moss was on over 10 years ago now, to see how it held up in hindsight ... hind-audio:-)
 It's interesting to see how far the host of the
Jaime Pressly and Simran Singh in 2011?
I'm not too sure about all of this music manifestation mumbo jumbo, but it doesn't hurt to dream about it, I guess:-)
I think I'll be passing the above drumming CDs on as they don't do anything for me, even though they are probably drumming up ... or manifesting money for these storytellers.  
Prosperity Placebo? 
I might hold onto
'Attracting Prosperity' though, for nostalgic reasons, as there is a dreamy version of 'Greensleeves' on this CD, which reminds me of the ice-cream man's tune that dinged around the streets of my yout

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