" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 7, 2020

Bluesfest 2020: The Festival That Never Took Place?

I wrote about how my plans to see Alanis Morissette play the 2020 Byron Bay Bluesfest on Good Friday were thwarted in this old 'Wheels' post -
2020: Isn't it Ironic?
My 2020 Bluesfest mug on my computer table
But that didn't stop me from buying a heap of
2020 Bluesfest merchandise through the mail.
My 2020 Bluesfest magnet on my refrigerator
My 2020 Bluesfest poster on my computer room wall
Now in years to come when people see the 2020 merch in my home and ask me was it a good festival I can say, "well, it was the only Bluesfest festival that Alanis Morissette was set to headline, and it never happened, ironically.":-)
My Bluesfest 2020 t-shirt
I had also ordered a "small" sized
'Skull & Bones Bluesfest 2020' t-shirt fearing that it wouldn't fit me, because all of the "medium" and "large" t-shirts were sold out, so I took the chance that the "small" size might fit me.
Ironically all the merch, including the t-shirt that fitted me OK, arrived on the day of my big brother's funeral, which I just realized was the day after Alanis Morissette's birthday.
Life and death certainly can be ironic alright, I think.
And ironically, Bluesfest 2021 starts on April Fool's Day next year ... if it takes place, that is;-)
I plan on going down to Bluesfest 2021 if the
Queensland/New South Wales state border is open for us Queenslanders by next April.

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