" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 20, 2019

At Eternity's Gate?

I saw a great little movie on Monday about Vincent van Gogh starring Willem Dafoe called 'At Eternity's Gate' at the cinema I wrote about in this recent post -
Signs of the Times and Nostalgia?
I don't have any paintings or prints of Vincent's work, but he is one of my favourite painters and I've always seen him as a cultural shaman whose life and work has touched millions since his brief space of time on the planet.
I only saw the movie on Monday because I was heading for another book-talk at West End that night and so I wondered what was playing at the cinema.
And it happened to be Member's Monday, so it only cost me $4 to see this movie.
I didn't even know about Member's Monday until paying for my ticket.
I thought it was an Oscar worthy performance from Willem, so who knows, come Monday my time, Willem may have an Oscar for his performance?
And he'll have Vincent to thank for it.
Willem Dafoe in Aquaman (2018)
Oddly enough, I might not be able to travel safely into town this Monday to watch the Oscars live on a cinema screen I booked a ticket to weeks ago, because there seems to be a cyclone about to hit the coastline where the movie 'Aquaman' was filmed, and I live on.
Tropical Cyclone Oma could cross the southern Queensland coast
And this morning I get a comment from John Darko about a post I wrote about him nearly six years ago that involved the movie 'Sharknado' -
John Darko: Shades of Donnie Darko?
I guess timing is everything when it comes to synchromysticism?-)
Ogoh! I Missed the Burning
One State's Rain Dragon is Another State's Pigsty?
Happy 'Year of the Pig' Queensland?
It just had to be a Sharks/Storm final, didn't it?-)
Eternity Will Have Just Begun?

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