" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 12, 2019

Back, After the Break ... LIVE?

Last Friday I met my son at the Brisbane Powerhouse and we went and saw Osher GΓΌnsberg's live stage show based on his life and book, 'Back, After the Break'.
Osher on stage Friday telling about his Idol years
Osher used to be a host on a show I couldn't stand to watch, but my ex-wife loved, 'Australian Idol'.
He even starts off his stage show recounting doing lines of cocaine on the Steinway piano at the Sydney Opera House after the AI final between Shannon Noll and some other Guy.
Which is probably the only episode of AI I ever sat down to watch, as I was hoping Shannon would win it, but he finished second.
Sunday Night with Shannon Noll Shining On
Osher is now the host of another TV show I can't stand, 'The Bachelor'.
Which reminds me of another post I wrote about a Ghinsberg and roses -
It's Not Just a Jungle Up There
My son is a fan of Osher's podcast and asked me before Christmas if I was interested in going to the stage-show (I wasn't really, but I knew he was), so I bought the tickets as part of his Christmas present for last year.  
The show is in a similar style to Springsteen's Broadway show that is currently screening on Netflix -
The Small World Theory?
Osher GΓΌnsberg on stage at the Powerhouse Friday night
Now, if you've read Osher's book or listened to his podcasts you'll know that the show is about mental health, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, addictions and such matters.
 And last Friday it was all over the news that friends (pardon the pun) were worried for actor Mathew Perry after he made some tweets about getting kicked out of therapy.
Matthew Perry sets the record straight after worrying fans with tweet about getting 'kicked out of therapy'
Artwork hanging on the wall at the Powerhouse on Friday
There just happened to be an art exhibition on at the Powerhouse called 'Power to the Pixel' and one of the pictures hanging on the wall was of a pixelated scene from the TV show 'Friends' that asked the question, "What is Chandler Bing's job?"
I drove in early from the outskirts of Brisbane so I could avoid the peak-hour freeway traffic and to get a car park.
And I was waiting for my son to meet me at the Powerhouse at around 6 pm when he got off work in the city, so I had plenty of time to kill and I went around checking out the killer pixel art hanging on the walls of the Powerhouse.
I liked that 'Back to the Future' picture for some reason;-)
This picture below reminded me of the IKEA monkey for some reason:-)
IKEA Snow-job?
I was close:-)
The Powerhouse labyrinth 
There was even what looked like an IKEA floor plan in the Powerhouse carpark (above), but that would be too simple for IKEA.
Here's a floor plan below more suited to an IKEA shopping experience.
After looking at the art I stepped outside to wait for my son, as he had a parcel to put in my car since I was giving him a lift home after the show.
And as I'm sitting on a wall outside the Powerhouse I see a rainbow forming in the sky above the Powerhouse.
I got off the wall to see if I could see the end of the rainbow and I could.
Then it started turning into a double rainbow.
Which reminded me of the day at the Byron Writers Festival when I saw a double rainbow -
Magda Szubanski, Rainbows, The 2016 Byron Bay Writers Festival, Jung and Synchronicity
The rainbow was in the sky for a good ten minutes and was still visible when my son turned up.
We headed over to the bar to grab a beer before the show started and I was surprised to see they had 'My Wife's Bitter'.
I hadn't had one of these since 'The Sweet' concert and when I was married -
Sweet Concert On Wednesday Night
Here's my suggestion above for a beer for blokes like me who have a bitter ex-wife;-)
The B105 gang on stage with Osher
I wrote a song once for a B105 competition that was sung over the airwaves by the guy folding the sun.
You had to write a song about the suburb you lived in and I won $500 for my effort.
I could come out of songwriting retirement to write Kate a song for Eurovision if she wants me to -
Kate Miller-Heidke to Represent Australia at Eurovision Song Contest in the Year of the Earth Pig (2019)?
And I could even make it funnier than 'Zero Gravity' if you want Kate;-)
The stage show of Osher's was pretty good and I was wondering how the hell he was remembering all of his lines in the show, until I caught him looking just to my right, and when I looked up, I saw how he was doing it so smoothly.
The illusion was ruined for me ... a teleprompter.
After the show there was an ambulance outside the front door, and I had to recall whether or not Osher had sung Tim Buckley's 'Song to the Siren' during the show:-)
Coffee and the Siren's Song
On the subject of siren themes, Osher's first podcast back after the show, dealt with a police officer who saved a young boy from drowning in a stormwater drain, and who nearly drowned himself while trying to rescue the boy.
The Osher GΓΌnsberg Podcast: Bravery, Courage and surviving PTSD with Allan Sparkes CV, OAM, CBC Part 1
Feb 10, 2019
The strange thing was also that after the show on the way home I was talking to my son about suicide and how you can never really help a person who has 100% got their minds made up to end their life.
Having been there when I was about 20 I know that mindset rather well.
In the latest podcast of Osher's he describes going on stage Friday night after just having heard a close friend had taken his life.
I was trying to tell my son, who is a bit of a skeptic about senses beyond our five senses, about an OBE experience I once had to illustrate to him that there is more to being human than the eyes can literally see.
He told me that's fine, but it's only my perception and something he couldn't grasp.
I used the not so good analogy of  trying to describe the wonder of sight to a person born blind from birth, and then he spent the rest of the ride home arguing with me about the different stages of blindness when I was talking about total blindness.
And then he said, what about those phantom colours you see when you press your eyes?
I was taken aback by this twist in the argument and asked him what the hell phantom colours had to do with my argument of describing sight to a totally blind person.
I gave up, as it was like trying to tell a "flat-earther" that the earth was really round, no matter what their perceptions were of the earth seaming to be flat (can you tell that I'm not a "flat-earther?-).
And another strange thing here was that in the latest podcast of his Osher says he was having a panic attack in bed at around 4am and the only way he could stop the nightmare visions in his head was to observe the colours you see when your eyes are closed that randomly form.
Life is weird and at times can be a nightmare ... but also a wonder ... if only you have eyes to see, as Carl Jung would say;-)
Great glasses guys;-)
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one:-)
O, and congratulations on the baby news.
Mazel tov.
"The expression comes from the Mishnaic Hebrew mazzāl, meaning "constellation" or "destiny", which may be related to nazal, meaning "to flow down"."

UPDATE: February 12th, 2019
Osher was the guest on the ABC radio/podcast show 'Conversations' today.
Click on the link below to go to the ABC site to listen -
How Osher learned to love his mind

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