" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 17, 2019

Catching the Big Fish in February?

If a fish can't live in it, you can't bathe in it, your stock can't drink it. So it's basically dead
I bought a 2019 calendar last year at the Byron Writers Festival that is full of vintage Australian travel posters, which I put on the wall to inspire me to get back on the road and to see more of my great country this year.
Last year a few trips to Byron Bay were all the major travelling that I did, even though I bought a ticket to see Chrysta Bell sing in Hobart in an effort to motivate me to drive down to Tassie again.
But I didn't end up going, so the ticket went to waste.
This month's poster is one of some blokes reeling a big fish out of the Great Barrier Reef in an old tourism poster for my home state of Queensland.
Crocodiles spotted in flooded streets
But there hasn't been much good news for the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, or fishing in general for the month of February.
Kind of makes me long for the good old days of the vintage travel posters.
Floodwater swells Queensland’s Flinders River into a 60km-wide mega river
Makes me wonder what my footballing hero ET thinks of all the dead fish in the news for February and if he longs again for those vintage poster days of old.
My oldest boy with ET in the 90s
Let's hope that those vintage posters aren't just distant memories of the good times we will never have again with climate change on the horizon.

UPDATE: February 17th, 2019
On the subject of sharks and the Byron Writers Festival, where I bought the calendar, I hear on the news that a guy got attacked by a shark about the same time this morning as I posted this post.
And it was the same stretch of beach that I stayed on when down at the writers festival.
In fact, it is pretty much the same stretch of beach that the writers festival is on, too.
Beaches close as shark attacks surfer near Byron Bay on NSW north coast
I've walked that beach many times, but rarely go in the water.
And now you know one of the reasons why.


  1. Hey Aussie friend, I check and enjoy your posts every day. Your humor in the face of everyday and your magical thinking and crow news comforts me. I don't have the internet to listen to or watch your links but I LOVE your pictures. We are snowed and iced in, here in northern southern Michigan on the 45th parallel. Good to believe in warmth somewhere.

  2. Warmth is literally putting it mildly.
    I can't wait until winter to hit.
    Although where I am it's nothing like your winter Delorus.