" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 8, 2019

As Above, So Below with Dr. Bernard Beitman?

Dr. Bernard Beitman from the Connecting With Coincidence radio show, joins Noah Lampert on Noah's 'Synchronicity' podcast.
Noah Lampert's 'Synchronicity' podcast (top left)
I thought this was rather synchronistic when I saw this morning (February 8th in Australia) that the latest 'Synchronicity' podcast was with Dr. Bernie Beitman, as I had just written a post about synchronicity podcasts -
Best Synchronicity Podcasts We Could Find?
 And it was Noah's 'Synchronicity' podcast that was the first one listed at the 'Synchronicity Podcast' site.
The X-traordinary Project?
Connecting with Coincidence with Dr. Bernie Beitman
The Many Faces of COINcidence?
A Message from the Whole to the Part?
September 23 is my birthday:-)
Dean Radin - Magic and Synchronicities?
Seeing Sharks and Synchronicity?
Synchronicity: Mind Body Soul Radio?
I contacted Dr. Beitman months ago through e-mail suggesting that he interview Noah on his show, so I'd like to think that a guy in Australia, me (below)put two people from the USA, them (above)together:-)
How to Increase Serendipity?
Although, I don't think I'm the one calling the shots in this coincidental drama;-)
Mania Sets the Stage for Synchronicity?

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  1. Intriguing sequence, as always! Dylan's wordpress blog is where I got int touch with him and he emailed back.