" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 13, 2019


I listened to this 'Occulture' podcast last night when it came up on my iTunes podcast list -
Gordon White & Jay Springett in Notes Toward a Manifesto // Solarpunk, Hopepunk & the Magic of Envisioning a Better Future
And I thought to myself what the hell is solarpunk?
And then I wondered if there was such a thing as lunapunk.
Turns out there is, I soon found out.
So why is this important? Those who know a bit about the Taijitu (Yin-Yang) will get it immediately.
Solar Powered Gorilla (Gardner?-) Lawn Gnome
I've got to say that lunapunk ... or even bunnypunk appeals to me more than some hippie like solarpunk movement.
"If I made up something called Bunnypunk, it would mean stories about bunnies fighting against an oppressive system in a speculative fiction world that is heavily influenced by the visual aesthetic of bunnies.
So, everything would be fluffy, soft, warm, adorable, nibble things a lot, and have lots of vegetables everywhere, I’m sure."
I guess it's my Libra cusp nature and old(?) age, but I think you need a solunapunk movement more than a solarpunk movement, sonny:-)
Ironically, while I was out in the backyard today getting some sun, or my dose of nature's vitamin D, I looked up in the sky and saw a half-moon.
a natural yin/yang in the afternoon sky?
The art of nature ... or the nature of art?
And as for Gordon's statement at the 20-minute mark about all art either being political or not at all, I have to say in response, frame this image below.
"Either all art is political, or no art is political"?
That is the biggest load of crap that I have heard all day.
Too little, too late, as the shit is about to
 hit the
solarpunk fan maybe?
When it comes to the solarpunk fantasy for this planet can you guess which horse I'm backing?-)
 At least I know now that solarpunk is nothing but the hippie dream 2.0.
Maybe that great solarpunk will return to save us all, too?-)
I guess you have to look on the bright-side, even if you are a lunatic, right?-)
The people living in Eden in New South Wales don't have to worry about being a solarpunk when they look out the window;-)
The Killers and Whales of the New South Wales Coast
Old Tom's skeleton in the Eden Killer Whale Museum
They have killer views.
Just like punk movements of the past who promised magic and wonder, the solarpunks will probably just end up playing with their wands.
But I hope you lot prove me wrong.
And God save us all:-)

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