" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 23, 2019

The Surf Gurus?

69, the sign for Cancer?
69 Jonson Street?
One of Occy's old boards
Mark Occhilupo at Byron Bay on Thursday night
I'm not even a good enough surfer to be put into the Matt Damon class of surfer, but I like hanging around listening to, and watching great surfers.
And Mark Occhilupo would be one of my surfing heroes, being around the same age as each other, and with him being a Cronulla boy.
So, as I wrote in this recent post -
The Small World Theory Proves Itself Once Again?
My kind of board;-)
I headed down to Byron Bay last Thursday to do a brewery tour and go to an event at the Byron Community Centre.
That event was the Surf Legends Lounge featuring the surfer that I only really cared about seeing that night, Mark Occhilupo.
Luckily I didn't go down to see Dave Rastovich, as he didn't even bother to turn up, because the surf was up with the cyclone happening off the coast, so he went surfing instead.
So, it looks like the organizers of the Byron Bay Surf Festival picked a great weekend to hold the event in hindsight:-)
But it was still good to listen to the surfers who resisted the big waves to show up for the event that people paid money for and invested their time in to see.
Feeling guilty yet Dave?-)
But I was surprised to see that Peter Tork from 'The Monkees' passed away on the same date as the Surf Legends Lounge, February 21st, 2019.
Peter's in heaven at 77?
Peter Tork of The Monkees Passes Away Just After the Super Moon?
Starring Peter Tork as the Surf Guru
I grew up watching 'The Monkees' TV show as a kid, as I'm sure Occy probably did, too.
But as much as the Americans tried to engineer a more homely substitute for 'The Beetles', they were never much more than a "shits & giggles" band to me.
It was just another laugh show like 'Gilligan's Island', which I liked watching much better than 'The Monkees'.
Still, it was an OK show, I thought.
Not that I was a believer though;-)
I think I'm in the Paul Kelly class of surfer:-)
I prefer listening to singers like Paul Kelly, rather than Davey Jones and the boys.

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