" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 24, 2019

Underlining Synchronicity?

I picked up a free magazine in November at the Avid Reader bookstore called 'Underline' the night I went to a book-talk there, which was the same day I booked my tickets for Gordon White's talk at the bookstore just down the road from the Avid Reader for January -
Well, Speak of the Devil, More Lizards?
I only picked the free magazine up on the night because I saw an interview featuring Thomas Keneally in it, because I had bought his latest book 'Two Old Men Dying' and was about to read it -
Eternity Will Have Just Begun?
I think Gordon would find the ideas in Tom's latest book rather interesting, especially when you hear Tom talking about the book and shamanistic magic in this podcast at 'The Garret'.
Maybe Gordon should do a podcast with Tom about his ideas on magic?
I finished Tom's book just before listening to Gordon White's current podcast about dragons and fires -
It was only then that I picked up the 'Underline' magazine I had laying around the house but hadn't read yet, and was surprised how well the topics and articles lined up with current events and things happening in and around my own life.
Bushfire rips through Topper's Mountain vineyard devastating rare wines on harvest day
The front cover of the 'Underline' magazine featured author Chloe Hooper and the article inside the magazine was about the book she wrote called 'The Arsonist: A Mind on Fire', about a true-life arsonist who started one of the fires that became one of the deadliest group of fires in Australia.
I don't plan on reading Chloe's book, but I did read the article about her book and listened to a podcast at 'The Garret' talking to her about her book.
Chloe Hooper's podcast at 'The Garret'
Then the same day I listened to Gordon talk about fire dragons I see in the news a woman being arrested for starting a fire in the same region of the fire that wiped out the winery further above in this post.
Homes confirmed lost in Tingha fire, woman charged over starting blaze at Tabulam
Pages from 'Underline' magazine
Ya Goanna Talk about Dragons, Synchromysticism and Lizards a Month on from Your Queensland Talk Gordon?
Mr. Smallhorn?-)
I listened to Gordon's talk on February 14th (Valentine's Day), which was the same day I saw the news-story of the woman arsonist being arrested.
Gordon's site and talk is basically about Chaos Magick, by the way.
Valentine's Day
SaYINg "Yes" or "No" to the Serpent/SlaYINg the Dragon?
Gordon White's book 'The Chaos Protocols'
in the 'Ecclectica' bookstore
A poem in 'Underline' magazine about dog
days and now the
Year of the Dog is over:-)
I haven't read Leigh Sales book either, but I read the article about her book 'Any Ordinary Day: What Happens After the Worst Day of Your Life?' and listened to her podcast interview at 'The Garret', as well.
Any Ordinary Day ... Like Today?
I guess 'Underline' has underlined the reality that there really is no ordinary days in the world if we truly open our eyes to what's around us all ... and that can be magic as well as tragic at times.
'The World' cruise-ship pictured without
in Hobart
'The World' Loses Hope?

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