" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 5, 2019

A Blue-faced Honeyeater in the Birdbath?

Since last November I've been getting regular visits by a couple of birds that I couldn't identify (or couldn't really be bothered to) until this week.
They looked like they were wearing a blue mask and were a little bit bigger than the mynah birds who regularly come for a drink and a swim at the same birdbath in my backyard, and which I wrote about in this post -
Agent Cooper: "I don't like birds"?!
Mynah birds having a pool party in my backyard
I had often wondered what these blue faced birds were called, but it wasn't until I saw this red-faced bird pictured in the local paper below that I wondered if fig birds come with blue faces and that maybe the blue faced birds were a variation of this red-faced fig bird.
So, I researched fig birds on the internet and found out the blue faced birds weren't fig birds.
So, I pulled out my trusty bird book from the bookcase and tried to settle the mystery of the mysterious blue faced birds.
I soon found out that these birds were called Blue-faced Honeyeaters.
They never seem to shut up when they're around (a bit like my ex-wife, but less annoying;-) and have an annoying "ki-owt" call.
 And they really like having a good splash around in the birdbath.
The birdbath has become like a public swimming pool for the local bird life and a few days ago when I was cleaning the window, and while Credence Clearwater Revival's song 'Looking Out My Backdoor' was playing on the radio (4KQ) at 2:08 pm last Saturday, a rainbow lorikeet decided to visit the birdbath, too.
It's unusual for me to see a rainbow lorikeet having a drink in my backyard, so this seemed like perfect timing, as I had my phone on me when the bird dropped in.
And I thought 2017 was a year for the birds -
Is 2017 Gonna be a Year for the Birds?
As I watched the rainbow lorikeet I noticed the birdbath was starting to look a lot less level than I remembered it being, so I went out to see if I could find a more level spot in the garden.
And as I moved the birdbath from the dead stump I had placed it over, I found out the stump obviously wasn't dead, as its shoots were growing in the dark hollow centre of the birdbath.
No wonder the birdbath was not level anymore.
Between the blue-faced honeyeaters, rainbow lorikeets, butcher bird, mynahs, crows and magpies, I might have to put in a full-sized pool to keep up with their water demands and recreation of this lot.
Well, it certainly looks like my backyard has gone to the birds lately.
If I sell this place, it will probably be going cheap:-)
Time to get back to reading my latest book and to take my mind off birds:-)

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