" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 13, 2020

The Truth is So Out There Dude?

Page 22 of a major Australian (my hometown) newspaper
Somewhere in the Skies: Bonus Episode: All the Strange!
I listened to the latest "Bonus" episode of the
'Somewhere in the Skies' podcast that hit my Apple Podcast list this morning (Australian time), which was mainly about the buzz around the American DOD releasing official navy footage of UFOs being chased by the American Navy's modern military jets.
And then the guys on the podcast talk about a FREE virtual eXpo coming to you on May 30th.
The 'Somewhere in the Skies' podcast is only on my podcast list because I had listened to an interview Ryan did with Mike Clelland (the Owl Guy) on his podcast after listening to a review of the movie 'Communion', and there did seem to be a few interesting podcasts in the SitS archieves to have a listen to, I thought.
I do consider myself a UFO "skeptic", neither really believing or disbelieving in "creditable" accounts of UFO and alien sightings.
Ryan Sprague says that he is a skeptic as well, but I just can't help thinking what his real angle is on the subject and interest in the topics he promotes through his podcasts/book/TV shows and such?
Did he originally think he could mine the UFO/Paranormal believers for the money he thought they would (are?) throw at his products?
Or is he genuinely interested in this stuff, money aside?    
My Spidey senses really can't work out the motives behind Ryan's interest in the UFO field, or just how sincere he is about it all.
I will say though that for FREE this guy is an entertainer with some of the guests he ropes into his sphere, but I won't be throwing any cash his way ... just yet anyway.
It's the guests I like to listen to with most podcasts on my Apple podcast list, not the hosts so much.
Reviewing COMMUNION with Andrew Sanford Somewhere in the Skies?

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