" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 10, 2019

The Joker Ignores His Wake Up Call (11:11)?

Put on a happy clock face?
I wrote a post recently about noticing that when the Joker gets fired the clock is showing the time of 11:11 when he literally punches out and how the writer/director of the movie Todd Phillips was probably implying that people finding meaning in noticing 11:11 all the time on a clock face might be considered a little crazy -
You Talkin' to/about Me and Other Sync-heads Todd?-)
Just seein' things all the time?
I saw the movie again last night and this time I tried keeping an eye out for clocks in the movie to see what time was on them and sure enough counting the punch clock scene there are at least two others.
When Arthur is first seen talking to his shrink the clock on the wall behind him is showing 11:11 and then when Arthur is shown smashing his head into a wall in Arkham State Hospital the clock on the wall is showing 11:11 also.
So, it's no accident that Todd is taking the piss out of the 11:11 phenomena, which having experienced this phenomena myself (barring the wish and angel thing) well before people were writing about it, I can attest that it is a real phenomena where for some inexplicable reason you get the feeling to look at the clock knowing that it will be 11:11.
I haven't noticed it all that much lately and could never really figure out why it seemed like my subconscious (or something outside my conscious self it seemed to me) wanted me to notice this time, but it is a feeling like you have just been visited by a ghostly being, much like an angel you might say ... and I'm not big into angels to tell you the truth.
There are a great many theories on the net now as to why people like myself see this time prompt ... or more accurately guided to see this time prompt in the way you get the feeling someone is staring at you when you walk down a lonely street and you turn around to see that there really is someone staring at you and you wonder how could you know that without consciously knowing?
Most of those theories are wishful thinking (sometimes quite literally) and don't resonate with me personally.
Still, something is going on there with that time prompt and I get the spiritual awakening angle, rather than the angel angle ... but who knows (and those who say that they do, probably don't) and for those who have not experienced this all I can say is you just have to be there at the time ... without cheating that is:-)
Ironically 'Joker' director/writer Todd Phillips is directing a Hulk Hogan biopic starring Chris Hemsworth.
Oh, and note that 'Joker' starts off with a Gotham weather forecast where the temperature just happens to be 42 degrees.
Pancakes, donuts, and other desserts were
prepared and eaten for a final time
Maybe we ain't in Gotham City anymore To ... to ... Todd?-)
42nd acting credit?!
And ironically Hogan and Hemsworth share August 11th as a birthday which is also the anniversary of the passing of Robin Williams:-)
So that's 11s all round for Todd's next picture it seems.
Wrestle mentally with that one Todd:-)
"In German-speaking Europe and the Netherlands, the Carnival season traditionally opens on 11/11 (often at 11:11 am).
This dates back to celebrations before the Advent season or with harvest celebrations of St. Martin's Day."
Ain't life funny at times when it comes to "coincidences"?
That's life!

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