" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 17, 2021

The Universe Works in Mysterious [Radio] Ways It Seems?

Mysterious Radio: Chaos Magic – Oct 13/14, 2020
On Friday night I wondered what the clowns at
'Mysterious Universe' podcast were going to be laughing at this weekend and since I had flicked their show off my Apple Podcast list I put in a podcast search and a show called 'Mysterious Radio' came up as well.
I scrolled through the available episodes and found one featuring Gordon White from exactly one year ago, which I thought was weird and downloaded it to play on the weekend, as I had just given my books of his away to the Bribie Island Book Exchange just over a week ago, along with a whole heap of other books, DVDs and CDs.
Not that they weren't an interesting read, but now that I've read them I couldn't see me reading them again, so I decided it was better to pass them on to others who may be interested, rather than the books gathering dust on my bookcase.
26.15 – MU Podcast – Casteneda’s Star Wars
I listened to the
MU podcast above in the early ours of Saturday morning, but to be honest I've never been interested in Casteneda's books, since I always figured the guy was a lying fraud like
Lobsang Rampa was when he wrote all his BS books around the same era.   
Rune Soup: Night is a Sharkskin Drum?
I listened to the year old 'Mysterious Radio' podcast featuring Gordon White around lunchtime today and was surprised when Gordon was talking about sharks and speculating about an Australian Prime-minster who disappeared in the surf in '67 as maybe being the victim of a shark attack.
Like me, the current Prime-minster is a Cronulla Sharks supporter and there was a lot of memes floating around Shark Park featuring Harold Holt, until 2016 when we won our first NRL grand final trophy:-)     
Interestingly on Friday night when Gordon was going into a 3-day lock-down in southern Tasmania and people in Queensland were free to play that weekend, there was a shark attack in Queensland
Then I see after I posted my last post this afternoon that Gordon had written a blog post about a sharkskin drum -
Rune Soup: Night is a Sharkskin Drum?
You'd swear it was shark week, wouldn't you ... that's if it wasn't Dolphin month/year up here in Queensland right now?-)
The Deadly Red Dolphins?

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