" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 22, 2021

Animal Spirit Guides and Totem Animals?

Beyond Ears and Eyes – Power Animals
I was listening to the above podcast about 'Power Animals' this morning and it made me think of my trip to Bribie Island about a fortnight ago where I set an intention for a complementary archetypal "spirit animal" to reveal itself to me on my day trip.
Beyond Ears and Eyes – Power Animals
Oddly enough the "shaman" in the 'Power Animals' podcast refers to using Stephen Farmer's book -
Mark Anthony and Dr. Steven Farmer's 10 Best Spiritual Books?
I hinted in a post about the Randonautica App about using my inner GPS on that Bribie Island trip -
Randonautica App Increases Coincidences?
And this is what happened on the day and the "spirit animal" that I was led to.
Now if I had a "power animal" that I was born with, as the podcast "shaman" states what a power animal is, then it would have to be the crow/magpie "spirit animal" I would think and feel.
And sure enough on the day as soon as I had dropped off my box of books at the book exchange and headed off down the road to have lunch at the Bribie Island RSL, I'm showing my brother the helicopter in the park across the road from the RSL and a magpie flies onto the helicopter and watches us both:-)
A Walk in the Park with the Spirits of the Faithful Departed?
But that isn't much out of the ordinary for me when it comes to my "power animal" and my intention was to find a new "spirit animal" to supplement my old ones, even if only temporarily as a messenger from out of the blue.
We head into the Bribie RSL and and my brother shouts me a Toohey's Old beer at the Social Whiskey Bar and we sit down on a leather couch and drink our beers while having a chat and deciding what we both want to eat for lunch. 
As we are sitting there in the bar chatting I see these wooden deer heads on the wall, and ask my brother if he asked me if I wanted a Toohey's Old because he saw the deer heads on the wall.
He said no and that he just knew that I liked dark ales and stouts.
Then we ordered our lunch at the 'Social Cafe' and tried to find a table outside. 
There was only one table vacant and that was number
42, so I don't know if that was meaningful, or not?-)

Maybe it would have been if I had have hitch-hiked to Bribie Island instead of having driven myself:-)
As we were leaving the RSL I snapped a photo to show mum where we had lunch, since my brother shouted me lunch as part of my belated birthday present and I wanted to show her where we ate that day, and I noticed the time on my phone was 12:34 so quickly snapped a screen shot of that as well, since that is the "Owl Guy"'s favorite synchromystical number, and after-all my intention was to cross paths with a new "spirit animal" and I thought who knows, it could be an owl, right?-)
The Powerful [Austr-alien] Owls?
But no owls crossed paths with me this day ... or any days since for that matter.
We headed for the surf-side of the island after that and bought a sorbet ice-cream each and I watched the surf roll in, with me hoping to spot some whales or dolphins playing in the water to be my new "spirit animal" perhaps, but no luck there either.
Killer waves today, by the looks ... not!:-)
As I was waiting outside the shop my brother was buying the desserts in I saw this shamanic sign in a closed second-hand shop, and a cake of soap in the shape of a (birthday?) cake.
Now, if I had have come to this shop window by way of a Randonautica App I would be gob-smacked and have thought that this was a shamanic sign for me with the "birthday" cake and dream-catcher sign, but my intention was to find a new "spirit animal" with a message for me.
We stayed for a few hours on the island, but I didn't cross paths with an unusual "spirit animal" at Bribie ... or so I thought, but my brother said stop at the
Sandstone Point Hotel and I'll shout you a coffee before heading home.
As we were heading into the hotel I saw this sandwich board poster with Santa flying across the sky with his deer:-)
As I sit down in the Sandstone Point Hotel bar waiting for my brother to buy the coffees, I look up and there are three deer heads on the wall, and a little voice inside my head says "there you go" and I think that doesn't count, as I saw these heads last time I was here, and besides I wanted an animal that was living wild in the Australian landscape, not some American/European animal that doesn't run wild here in Oz.
I look outside and see a heap of ibis on the tables and think, and don't tell me the ibis is my new "animal spirit" because those things are everywhere.
That little voice says I just told you "it's the deer" and I think OK, I'm not playing anymore if you are going to be a dick, as I said that I wanted an animal that was running around wild in Australia.
So I get my phone out to check the latest headlines and see this latest news story about a guy that got knocked off his motorbike by a wild deer at the Gold Coast:-)   
42 year-old hit by a deer?!
Lucky for me I wasn't drinking my coffee or I would have spat it out in disbelief when I read that news story.
So, what's the message I think, quit while I'm a head, or maybe that I should GET OUT more often -
I'm just glad I wasn't drinking tea that day:-)
Totem Animals Page 42?!
See, who needs the Randonautica App to go for a meaningfully spooky drive?-)

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