" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 16, 2021

The Fitzroy Diaries?

The Fitzroy Diaries Podcast
S3 07 | Everybody loves Darren
I think that 'The Fitzroy Diaries' has just become my favourite podcast:-)
You would think with someone like me who is a mad keen
Brisbane [Bears]/Fitzroy Lions supporter that I would have heard of 'The Fitzroy Diaries Podcast' long before season 3 of the series, but I'm ashamed to say that I only discovered the podcast at the start of this month ... not that it has anything to do with footy though.   
It's about a young mother who lives and goes on walks around the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, while we get to hear her inner monkey-mind thoughts about life in Fitzroy.
There are teddy bears in windows, and ...
"You Lookin' for a bite, mate?":-)
I'm more used to walking around the streets of Brisbane than Fitzroy, but I have walked the streets of Fitzroy and East Melbourne back in 2016 when I was staying in a now defunct motel in Powlett Street for three days.
I did a virtual walk around East Melbourne and Fitzroy this morning to check out the old neighbourhood that
I once lived in for three days back in 2016 when I saw the Lions take on Richmond at the MCG -
Shamanism and Footy?
Where I stayed in 2016 when I was in Melbourne
East Melbourne and Fitzroy
Doh! Looks like I won't be staying there anymore:-(
I wonder if my old Collingwood supporter mate still works in that bottle shop where I used to walk up the road and buy a bottle of red and have a chat to him about the footy before going back to my motel room to have a meal and watch more footy on TV? 
I guess with the Queensland border being closed until at least Christmas a virtual walk in Melbourne is all I will be doing for a while:-( 
I guess I could go for a walk around my Queensland neighbourhood and listen to the Fitzroy Diaries on my phone and pretend that I'm back in Melbourne:-)

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