" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 21, 2021

Time Warps ... Again?

I listened to the latest 'Connecting with Coincidence' podcast episode (see You Tube above) this morning which dropped onto my Apple Podcast playlist Monday morning here in Australia, and was pleasantly surprised that it was about the subject of time, which is the subject of one of the two books that I am currently reading, as I wrote about in this recent post -
EP224, Alessandra Melas and Sky Nelson-Isaacs: Time Warps
The other book is all about watching the sky for signs and is titled 'All Our Shimmering Skies' which is rather amusing to me since one of the guests names on the podcast is Sky:-) 
'Timekeepers' starts off with the author writing about his bike accident when hitting a pedestrian and going over his handlebars to the "illusion" of time seemly slowing going as he was about to hit the pavement and shatter his elbow and split open his head.
But I'm u to chapter 3 in that book now, which is all about trains, time and speed records.
All I could think of when reading about how these trains were getting faster and faster with a Japanese train set to be the fastest when it starts operation in 2027, was what happens when these trains derail?
Then this morning I saw a train was derailed by some dickhead who stole a car and deliberately parked it on the rails.
Rescuers say it was a miracle more people were not hurt in the smash
But reading this passage in the book outlined in red below, and with Sky talking about music and being a musician, I couldn't help thinking about the English guy who got dragged along the platform and then tossed under the train and had a NDE and then tried to write music like he heard on the other side, even though he was not a musician before the accident -
So I wonder if synchronicity means that I'm on the right track ... as they say?-) 

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