" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 3, 2021

Boy Swallows ... Plum?

PLUM by Brendan Cowell
When I was sitting in the audience on Tuesday night at QPAC watching the stage play of the book 'Boy Swallows Universe' and hearing about NRL teams like the Brisbane Broncos (my least favourite team by the way) and the Parramatta Eels being bandied about in the play, I thought to myself that I wish somebody would write a play/book featuring my favourite NRL team the 
Brendan Cowell came to mind, but his first novel 'How it Feels' was a bit too dark to match BSU in the balance of laughs and drama.
Then I see Brendan has just written a book called 'PLUM' about an ex-NRL player living in The Shire.
I found out about Brendan's new book when a recent
'Stories Behind the Stories' podcast hit my iPad last week.
I haven't read the book yet, but it is on my "to buy and read" list and I have been listening to all of the recent podcasts I can find through doing an Apple Podcast search for Brendan Cowell.
How It Feels??? Synchronistic That's How! (Part 1)
The funny thing is I first discovered the
'Stories Behind the Stories' podcast a few months back when I started reading Trent Dalton's 'Boy Swallows Universe' and I see that Trent was interviewed on this podcast show pretty much one year ago about the book of his that I'm currently reading
I can't help but wonder if Trent's success with BSU has inspired Brendan to write a second book about the area he grew up in?
I was sent an events email from the 'Avid Reader' bookstore telling me that there was going to be a live Zoom event if I wanted to pay $5 for a link, but I decided that I'd rather put that 5 bucks toward his book than have to watch a Zoom talk at dinner time.
I much prefer real live in person book talks and signings than the Zoom rubbish, after having to go to Zoom when Matt Nable got locked down in Sydney and couldn't make it to Avid for the live event -
Brendan Cowell reads 'This is a letter to my mouth'
TSQ: Brock with Matthew Le Nevez and Brendan Cowell
I listened to 'The Saturday Quiz' podcast on Saturday and then listened to Brendan's first stint on the show a year ago and was amazed hoe the questions seemed to be pretty much in the same ball-park.
TSQ: Luge with Brendan Cowell and Damon Herriman
And in the latest TSQ podcast Brendan is asked about Jeff Buckley's studio album 'Grace' which has been covered quite often on this blog as regular readers would know -
A Tragic Love Story/Song That Had Buckley's Chance From the Get Go?
Ep 177: Brendan Cowell (Part 1)
Ep 178: Brendan Cowell (Part 2)
I even listened to two ‘The Betoota Advocate Podcast’ episodes featuring Brendan talking about life in The Shire and his new book ... with lots of F Bombs thrown in the ear-holes to boot ... and his thoughts (like mine) about the current #1 Sharks badge holder ... and PM of Oz:-)
The Prime Minister has been left in a state of confusion?
Well, now I'll have to turn the porch-light back on and read Brendan's new book ... when I buy it:-)
All Our Shimmering Skies ... and Deluded Eyes?

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  1. Very cool, Daz. Following this sequence is mind-boggling!