" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 9, 2021

Chris Hemsworth and Russell Crowe Have Nothing to Really Crow About in 2021 ... Footy Wise Anyway?-)

Rusty's South Sydney Rabbitohs
A screenshot from 'RaINBOw'
I hope you aren't hunting rabbit there Crowe?-)
I thought it was rather ironic that there was no Hollywood endings for Russell Crowe's and Chris Hemsworth's footy teams this year -
Crowe Crowing about Playing Zeus in the New Thor Movie?
Crowe who is part owner of the NRL Rabbitohs and Hemsworth who is a mad keen supporter of the AFL's Western Bulldogs team both ended up among the also-rans on Grand Final day this year -
Natalie Portman's Demons Annihilate Chris Hemsworth's Bulldogs?-)
Watching Jake Kotze's sync film 'RaINBOw' just gets more WTF?! every-time I watch it. 
Not that I can laugh with The Sharks finishing just outside the top 8 in ninth spot and missing the 2021 final playoffs, and the
Brisbane Lions getting knocked out of the finals by Hemsworth's Bulldogs:-(
Chocolate Soldier?
A screenshot from 'RaINBOw'
Ironically, the Penrith Panthers used to be known as the
Chocolate Soldiers on account of the God awful brown and white jerseys they once wore:-)
The Book of Feuds also took aim at Penrith’s formative years and the much-maligned playing strip
#9 Dream?
My panther tattoo ...
... but I'm a Sharks fan when it comes to the NRL
Another personal irony is that while I'm not a Panthers supporter I have had a panther/jaguar tattoo on my right shoulder for nearly 40 years now:-)
And that was before Souths lost the 2021 GF:-(
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit ... Hole?
Kate Miller-Heidke
And what a coincidence that
Kate gets to sing the national anthem when the Rabbitohs make the first ever final in Brisbane -
This 2021 Brisbane NRL GF was just made for TV, as it had a bit of everything that a good TV show would, from violence, comedy, romance and heartbreak ... which was why that I was glad I stayed home and watched it on TV for free:-)
Probably a bit of karma there Adam for stiffing The Sharks:-)
Me at home watching the footy on my TV for free:-)
Don't worry Wayne, as we
Sharkie fans always say (barring 2016), "there's always next season"? 

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