" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 25, 2022

Talking Weird: One Person's Trash is Another's Treasure?

I stumbled across the Talking Weird Podcast site when I did an Apple Podcast search for podcast episodes about 'Hellier' and
Greg Newkirk and this was one of the best podcast episodes I had found where Greg talks about the show to podcast hosts 
Dean Bertram and Jenn Dorrell -
Talking Weird Podcast
Dean brings up the trashy tin can found in the 'Hellier' series and the PKD quote from Dick's novel 'VALIS' -
Which was funny to me when I remember back to a baby
praying mantis crawling up my arm when I was taking the junk mail out of my mailbox after reading about a praying mantis in Stan Grof's book:-)
I didn't realize until now that Stan Grof and Richard Dolan share July 1st as a birthday, which is the day before 
'World UFO Day' (July 2nd):-)
Mantis and Other Strange Insects ... and Alien Beings?
But it was the podcast episodes featuring Edd Schultz that I found a treasure among the other crypto crap episodes at the 
Edd Schultz is/has been an actor, stage magician, exorcist in the Episcopalian Church (Anglican Church in my neck of the woods) and a hypnotist.
And on the subject of ex-Anglican priests/exorcists  -
And being a Schultz might even be a distant relative of mine, as Schultz should be my real surname if Nan hadn't have changed my father's surname to his step-father's surname, which I inherited at birth.
Edd Schultz talks Hypnosis, Past Lives,
Abduction Memories June 17, 2021
Edd Schultz talks Exorcism,
The Warrens,
Magic, Hypnosis
Edd Schultz, once known as “The Psychic Priest”, worked alongside famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren on several haunting and possession cases.
I found it interesting listening to a Protestant exorcist while I'm reading a book written by a Catholic exorcist.
Not that I take exorcists too seriously, but we all like to hear a scary story now and then, don't we?
Mind you I do very much believe in evil priests and
religious psychopaths in high places, not to mention weirdos who do believe in mythical figures like Satan and blame their crimes on the mythical scapegoat instead of their own evil arses.  
That said I do believe in evil spirits, just like you have
evil human beings who like messing with you for whatever selfish reason takes their fancy, but that doesn't mean that they are working for some entity named the devil.
We all have our own beliefs about life, the universe and everything just like Dean does, and while I like hearing his point of view, I don't necessarily agree with his view/s.
Zelia Edgar talks UFOs, John Keel,
 Jacques Vallee, The X-Files
Pareidolia, Owls, Synchronicity and March the 6th?
I had to laugh when I went back to the first episode of 
'Talking Weird' to try and hear Zelia Edgar's point of view on this stuff, only to hear Dean use Zelia as his sounding board to tell us all in listener land just what he thought about it all and barely giving Zelia a word in throughout the whole podcast episode:-P    
I was wondering where I had seen Zelia before and then I saw her book review of 'The Messengers' and it clicked that it was at Mike's (The Owl Guy) site:-)
Talking Weird Podcast seems to have come to an end now, or is on a long hiatus, either way there are still some divine episodes to be found in the trash stratum of the archives I think;-)
But now I'm just being a Dick:-)

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