" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 6, 2022

Spend the Night ... And the Dead?

I must say that I found it eerie that pretty much after viewing the 'Hellier' season 2 episode 'And the Dead' where the crew visit 
Naomi Judd's hometown of Ashland I read in the news that Naomi committed suicide just before being admitted into the 
I've heard that a lot of people have "strange coincidences" after viewing this series, but I have them all the time, so for me it is just par for the course in my daily life.
I wrote in my last post why I was binge watching the show last weekend -
Mantis and Other Strange Insects ... and Alien Beings?
Hellier S2E2 Script: And the Dead (2019)
If you enlarge the image above, or click on the link to read the script you see that the song 'Spend the Night' by the band 'Sunspot' plays as the crew spend the night in Ashland, Kentucky, and the next day they run into a policeman who tells them that Ashland has a high rate of mental illness.
The 'Sunspot' guys are also the hosts of the 
'See You on the Other Side' podcast, which seems to have died off at the end of last year by the looks of their podcast playlist.
Sunspot Activity?
The 'Hellier: And the Dead' episode ends with the PiΓ±ataland song ‘Ashland’ when the credits roll to the lyrics of “Naomi Judd is on the phone …”
The only reason I watched 'Hellier' was that I had heard 
Allen H Greenfield talk about the show on the 'Conspirinormal' podcast, and I had only found that show's archives when I was looking for podcasts about Malachi Martin and his books, because I was reading 'Windswept House' which apparently was released on May Day in 1996.
And considering the subjects written about in Martin's novel that date seems rather apt on many levels I think.
Listening to that 2019 'See You on the Other Side' podcast about Beltane/May Day I found interesting considering that the top half of the world is going going through those seasonal changes, while down here (southern hemisphere) in the real top of the world we are going through what should be Halloween:-)
The book I bought in 2016 from the
Golden Guitar shop in Tamworth
And on the subject of Country Music awards, I saw this story above in an April newspaper where Troy Cassar-Daley surpassed
Slim Dusty in winning the most Golden Guitar awards at the 50th Golden Guitar Awards.
Sing & Don't Cry
I can maybe one day tell my grandchildren that Troy sat behind me in a cinema one day as me and my eldest son and Troy and his wife Laurel watched
Simon Baker's movie 'Breath' -
The Six Degrees and Synchromysticism of Simon Baker?
Troy's wife Laurel in today's newspaper
The music radio station Troy's wife Laurel has been working at as a morning DJ for 30 years this month has been bought by a 24 hour sports network.
Well, I guess the most popular music is played in sports stadiums now days anyway, right?
Is that a drawing of the Foo-fighters on the wall?
What is it with 'Hellier', music, synchronicities and these days?

UPDATE: May 11th, 2022
May 18th?!
I noticed that Laurel celebrates her 30th year anniversary 
(and last) with the radio station on May 18th, which is

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