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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 19, 2022

Is Damien Nott Telling the TRUTH?

Damien Nott - UFO's Over Australia!
I listened to a few podcast episodes featuring Damien Nott and watched 'Australien Skies' once again on Amazon Prime for free with my Amazon monthly subscription, and I wonder just how genuine this guy is?
A graphic a Big Dunny that was proposed
 for the
NSW town of Dunedoo?
Damien Nott lives in the NSW town of Dunedoo, which I know little about, except for talk of plans to build the world's tallest dunny (because to Australians the name Dunedoo sounds like two slang words "dunny"{toilet} and "doo"{poo} put together:-) there and the town being home to some big artworks of owls and various other subjects.
Google – Year in Search 2021: UFOs and Porn?!
I wonder if that kid is reading 'The Messengers'?-)
If you listen to Damien talk about the town he lives in on various podcast shows you would think it was/is a hotbed of high strangeness, much like the Newkirks make out towns like Hellier and Ashland are in the USA, and Damien went to a Catholic school, as he likes to mention quite often -
What is it with Catholics and Ex-Catholics and Their Interest in the Paranormal and UFOs?
Maybe the Newkirks should hook up with Damien in Dunedoo and make a show about 
black swan events around the town?-)
Damien admits that his mother named him after the naughty 
little devil in the Omen movies, so who knows what could happen in a series like "Dunedoo":-)
Bad Omens in the Stars of the Stars?
The Newkirks might even get to make a "Dunedoo: Number 2" if they film enough material around the town:-P
Or maybe they could just call the show "Damien"?-)
Or maybe Damien should meet up with the Bledsoe family in the USA and see what high strangeness happens?
#42: Chris Bledsoe Jr.
42 ... and Bledsoe Said So?
I'd like to check out Dunedoo for myself one day, not for the alleged high strangeness, but more for the attractions around the town that I've seen on the internet.
But WHO knows, I may even finally get to spot ... an owl?-)
Swan Motel, Dunedoo
Dunedoo Caravan Park
UAP Studies: ep 26
Damien John Nott (
pt. One)
Damien tells a lot of truly unbelievable stories of high strangeness methinks;-)
The Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland
The thing is that in 'Australian Skies' Don Meers doesn't go down to Dunedoo where Damien lives, Don brings Damien up to my backyard of Queensland where I live and grew up and my mother's side of the family grew up in the area of the location where these guys venture to, so I know this area well.
It's a long way to Tipperary ... Flat?-)
Obviously Don lives/lived at Bribie Island as I notice that Don shot Damien on the Bribie Island jetty at night watching the skies for high strangeness:-)
My mother's side of the family lived around the area where that 
red X is on the map and I have relatives who still live all around that area today, so I'm rather skeptical after watching this show as to just how much "high strangeness" Don, Damien and the crew really saw ... even though the show is beautifully shot as far as a travel documentary of the area goes, and for that alone it is worth watching I think.
Damien even likes to dress up in the suit and tie, like Greg Newkirk does when delivering his UFO/high strangeness spiel, sort of like an Amway salesman, or someone appearing in court before a judge would in order to sound more believable. 
Hey, why not try wearing a white laboratory coat a some point, as well to sound even more believable Damien?-)
Damien on the Bribie Island jetty
The irony for me is that the jetty Damien is walking on in the above shot is right across the road from the Bribie Island Book Exchange where I donated Mike Clelland's book 'The Messengers' and a heap of other UFO books I no longer wanted, as I wrote about in this old post -
What is Consciousness and Who and What Are U/s?
The thing that really got my BS meter ticking into the red while watching 'Australien Skies' was shots like this one below where Don even puts in drone footage to try to back up some helicopter in the sky that is meant to be following them as they row down the stream to a spot that they could have easily driven to:-) 
A black helicopter on their trail?-) 
There it is, right there ... see?-)
And they even do lame "ghost hunter" tricks like someone throwing rocks at an empty campsite bin to make an "unexplainable" loud noise.  
I guess people like to hear stories, no matter how real they are, right Don and Damo?-)
Austra-lying Skies more like it, methinks:-)

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