" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 5, 2022

Mantis and Other Strange Insects ... and Alien Beings?

I just finished watching seasons 1 & 2 of
'Hellier' and found it amusing that one of the "ghost hunters" came out of a trance saying that the green goblins were just minions for the huge 
praying mantis like creature that was running the show, and then I see an animation up on the BBC news website abou
Maria Sibylla Merian where in her time praying mantis were thought to be beasts of the devil:-)
When The Impossible Happens ... to Me
The incredible story of the 17th Century artist
The woman whose paintings changed science forever
Kinda weird how the theory of synchronicity is usually always illustrated by Carl Jung catching a bug like the insect from a patient's dream hitting his window:-)
"Catching the Bug of Synchronicity"?
I had just watched the 'Hellier' episode involving the alien face painted on Whitley Strieber's book 'Communion' and saw my friends over at the 'Synchrosecrets' blog had a trailer for 
'Alien Abductions: Answers' featured in a recent blog post where Whitley is sitting near a framed painting of the alien on his book cover, and the same subliminal face I spotted in that painting, just like on the book cover.
Truth Be Told?
And on a dark synchromystic note I watched Hellier Season 2: Episode 2: And the Dead, where they visit the Kentucky town of Ashland on the day I read the news about Naomi Judd’s suicide.
The sheriff in Ashland tells the ‘Hellier’ crew that Ashland has a high rate of mental illness and they end that episode with the song ‘Ashland’ when the credits roll to the lyrics of 
“Naomi Judd is on the phone …”
The song ‘Ashland’ is from ‘Songs for the Forgotten Future Vol. 2, released August 8, 2008
The record begins with a journey alongside Peter Levenda, a conspiracy writer who became obsessed with this Kentucky city, imagining it as the geographical nexus of history.
Drawing on Levenda’s very strange series of books called 
Sinister Forces and his trip southwards in a cherry-red convertible, the song sees the Kentucky landscape as a weird American panorama that combines Indian heritage (the legend that Kentucky means “dark and bloody ground” in some unknown Indian language), Colonel Sanders billboards, and hometown icons such as Charles Manson, Naomi Judd and Henry Clay.
I have read and owned a few of Levenda's books, but have given them away, with the only one I have left on my bookshelf of his and am yet to read is 'Unholy Alliance' and I am no fan of Hitler.
The Dark Lord?
The 3 Conspirinormal podcasts I had listened to
The main reason I had re-watched season 1 of 'Hellier' since it first was released on You Tube and finally bothered to watch season 2 was because I had listened to three
'Consirinormal' podcasts (episodes #308,#309 & #374) featuring Allen H Greenfield, the author of the 'Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts' and 'Saucers and Saucerers' books (which I haven't read) and Greenfield mentions that he feels the secret of the saucers is illustrated on the front cover of 'Saucers and Saucerers', which is now out of print.
Those tunes sure sound familiar don't they?-)
Archives of the Impossible and Psychic Media?
The only reason I stumbled across the 'Conspirinormal' podcast was I had done an Apple Podcast search for the author of the novel 'Windswept House' (Malachi Martin) and any podcasts he may have been on or been talked about on.
Fatima, Art Bell and the Number 13?
My interest in Allen H Greenfield was how he said 
James Wasserman had died in episode #374 of the 
'Conspirinormal' podcast, which was news to me, not that I was a follower of James Wasserman, but I have read a lot of books he had authored and I was wondering if Martin was referring to Wasserman in his novel 'Windswept House' in chapter 13 as 
Episode 42Your Third Life With Jim Wasserman
Recorded July 13th, 2021?
My James Wasserman authored books that I still have
I'm no fan of John Keel's crap, but I found it personally amusing how Andy Colvin's book on Keel has a 4.24 rating on the Goodreads site:-)
Sn. 8 Ep. 16.75 - The Hellier 2 Roundtable
I personally don't know what to make of 'Hellier' and just who is telling the truth ... if anyone, and I fell the same about the show as these guys in the 'Monsters Amoung Us' podcast pictured above, but I am looking forward to seeing 'Hellier 3' if they ever make it.
I wonder if Allen Greenfield finds it amusing that James Wasserman was born and died in the Year of the Rat?-)
News Stories and Podcasts in 2020: The Year of the RATS/STAR?

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