" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 14, 2022

Peer Beyond the Veil ... and All Roads Lead to Allen Greenfield?

Following the synchronicities - Allen Greenfield
Al Greenfield?-)
I stumbled across the 'Peer Beyond The Veil' podcast episode featuring Allen H Greenfield when I did an Apple Podcast search for podcast episodes featuring, or talking about Allen Greenfield after I had watched seasons 1 & 2 of 'Hellier' on line for free and wondered just who this guy was, apart from being an author of a few UFO books mentioned in the series, which I haven't read, or plan on reading in the future.
Mantis and Other Strange Insects ... and Alien Beings?
After listening to that podcast episode featuring Allen Greenfield I listened to a few more 'Peer Beyond The Veil' podcast episodes featuring other guests who featured in, or talked about 'Hellier' such as Micah Hanks who introduces the Newkirks to the Brown Mountain Cave/s in season one of 'Hellier'.
The enigma of consciousness - Micah Hanks
There was also a podcast episode with Jim Perry who was mentioned in 'Hellier' and has his own podcast where he seems to be interested in other people's strange stories.
I must say that I don't know what to make of Hanks or Greenfield when it comes to their sincerity in the subject of UFOs and the paranormal, apart from making money from such stories, whether they believe them to be real or imagined.
Either way for them I guess ... $$$$ ca-ching? 
Greenfield seems to be a bit of a Trickster, and while he tells some good stories, you'd have to take him with a grain of salt I think, but I did like what he said about Crowley and I agree with him there.
I'm no fan of Keel and it sounds like Keel fell for a few tricks played on him by Greenfield's friends, if you can believe Greenfield that is.
I was amused by Greenfield's love of PKD and the synchronicites Greenfield states to have had around PKD's works in that podcast episode, as I got into watching 'Hellier' because I was following the syynchronicies from reading Malachi Martin's novel 'Windswept House' after listening to  James Tunney on a 'New Thinking Allowed' interview, which was uploaded on April 8th the anniversary of the day my Roman Catholic Nan passed away on in the early 80s, talking about the author and the book -
The Lady/The Fatima Prophecies?
Upload on April 8th, 2022?!
I had also written a post about James talking to Jeff about PKD on a previous 'New Thinking Allowed' talk -
Philip K. Dick: Prophet?
So that seems to have taken me full circle while I've been following the synchronicties, as
Allen Greenfield might suggest I do:-)
But it was some other 
'Peer Beyond The Veil' podcast episodes I found rather intriguing as far as personal synchronicities go for me.
Like this episode below uploaded on my birthday in 2020:-)    
From ritual to reality - G. Michael Vasey
Which led me to a chat G. Michael Vasey had on his podcast show with Allen Greenfield below.
Episode 13: Secret Ciphers, Ufology and
the Occult with Allen Greenfield
And this chat 
G. Michael Vasey had with Anthony Peake about watching 'Hellier', not that I agree with Anthony's video game simulation replay theory or most of his theory about how he sees the "afterlife" really.
Episode 7 - Synchronicity with Anthony Peake
And while the first half of the chat with Marie D. Jones below and her views about Trump made my eyes roll, the second half of the podcast where she talks about 'Hellier' I thought was interesting.
Mind control and synchronicity - Marie D. Jones
I have written about Marie on m blog before, as well -
Graduation Afternoon?
Plus, after listening to that podcast above, I heard Marie on a recent one last week at the 'Synchrosecrets' site -
 Marie D Jones: Synchronicity Coffee Klatch
The Mystical Underground: Marie D Jones:
Coffee Klatch
I once owned and read a copy of Marie's co-authored book about the 11:11 phenomena, as I used to notice that number on clocks quite frequently ... and still do to some extent, but not as often as I did back then, and I gave the book away to a secondhand bookstore for the "book angels" to distribute to other like-minded readers out there.
I had also gave away a few books authored by the MacGregors at the same time I gave away Marie's 11:11 book. 
The books I gave away to the secondhand
bookstore when moving 
The Book Angel (of Death?) and the Shadow Side of Life?
It's amazing how far "following the synchronicities " will take you:-)

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