" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 23, 2022

Pareidolia, Owls, Synchronicity and March the 6th?

Owls and Aliens Pareidolia ... and Dr. WHO?I haven't listened to an Alexis Brooks' podcast for quite a while until I was searching for podcast episodes for Steven Halpern, which I wrote about in this recent post -
Steven Halpern's Words and Music and My Own Beliefs?
"The doors wide open
these words are recorded.
I've got to say that the 'Wow Owls' sound like a chainsaw party to my ears:-(
Not the kind of party I want my ears attending to be honest.
After I had listened to her talk with
Steven Halpern I scrolled down through her latest podcast episodes and saw that in March this year Alexis had interviewed "the owl guy" Mike Clelland, so I had a listen to it on my iPad through the Apple Podcast
s website and saw that it was uploaded to Apple on 
For some reason as I'm listening to the podcast a thought comes into my head to put "Owls+March 6" into a web search engine to see what came up, if anything at all that might be a "coincidence" featuring owls on that date.
I found it amusing to find that there was an owl enthusiast day starting on March the 6th, 2022 in a town called Houston (Whoston?-) considering Alexis mentioned in the podcast that they had to start the podcast again when they ran into a technical problem while recording the episode:-)
"Houston we have a problem?"
I also saw a shirt with a compass design (see red arrow in screenshot above) on the heart of the shirt, which reminded me of my compass star tattoo on my right wrist.
Houston Owl Prowls?-)
Foul Owl on the Prowl?
August 22nd?-)
I also found an owl article from 'The Atlantic' that had some really good owl photos from around the world like the one above which was from August 22nd, which is the Owl Guys birthday, if I'm not mistaken?-)
Superb Owl Sunday VI
Nothing to see here?-)
And ... Nothing to see here?-)
I think the elephant in the room here when it comes to patterns in nature, like that owl in the screenshot above, which is the same colour as the tree it's sleeping in (that's if you spotted it:-), is just what intelligence is behind the phenomena of nature's camouflage patterns in trees, plants, flowers and animals?
A dickhead would try to tell you that nature is just all random chance of course, but then they can't see the forest for the trees I think:-)
So if nature's camouflage patterns are not random and some kind of thought has gone into the design, and we ourselves are part of nature, then what sort of tricks could nature (or the intelligence behind nature) play on us and our own lives?
"what is your connection to owls?"
The weird thing as I'm writing this blog post out and re-listening to Alexis' podcast with Mike, just as the podcast cuts out from a technical problem the last ting Mike says is, 
"what is your connection to owls?" and something tells me that this is my cue and that I should type "what is your connection to owls?" into Google search, so I do, and I get only one result for a blog post titled 'Beer With a Painter: Chie Fueki' which starts off with “I am interested in the symbols that are flooding our world, which everybody can recognize, but which have almost no meaning.”:-)
'Where' by Chie Fueki
The author of that 'Hyperallergic' blog-post opens it by writing -
In the middle of our conversation, Chie Fueki turns the tables on me. “What do you see in the painting, Jen? I really want to know.”
Which to me seems like Chie is testing Jens pareidolia ability to imagine things that aren't really there at all, because it's all just paint splashed on a canvas in reality ... as every painting you view in an art gallery:-) 
 Personally, after listening to Mike and Alexis I see green faced aliens with black eyes all over the 'Where' painting:-)
JS: The owl is also a recurrent and
meaningful motif in your work.
What is your connection to owls?
So if an artist like Chie paints an abstract painting of an owl and tells us it's an owl, does that make it any more real than Mike's bedroom door when Mike tells us he sees owls and we say that we see them, too?
There's probably a message there for us ... or not;-)
We think we see an owl on the cover of Mike's book, but it's just 
ink blots on paper really, but that's what he wants the reader to see.
Owl Games?-)
Now, there's a sign of the times;-)
Good Owl Games
Mike also mentions in that podcast that if he was writing his life as a script for the X-Files TV show the executive producer would tell him to tone it down.
I then see the sister TV show of the X-Files had an episode titled 'Owls' air on March the 6th, 1998.
I've never had much luck with spotting owls in the wild, but they were probably staring me in the face all along and I just didn't see them:-)
This video below also came up in my search for some reason, so I guess there is a message there for me, too:-)
Owl Research Institute
Dream Patterns ... and Owls?
I've given up my dream of seeing live owls in the wild, and while Mike's book  'The Messengers' I found was a good read, I've since donated his book, as well as the little owl statue (pictured above) and the DREAM rock it was sitting upon on top of my computer desk to the book exchange across the road from the jetty that 
Damien Nott is pictured on in 'Australien Skies' and which I wrote about in this recent post -


  1. Owls a plenty. I have about 10 ceramic owls in house. Definitely a totem of importance here. Great article Darren!