" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 4, 2017


In the acknowledgments for his novel Entangled, Graham Hancock doesn’t just thank his family and his editor, but also Ayahuasca,” the “visionary brew” used by Amazonian shamans to make out-of-body journeys into the realm of spirits.
He also explains that the novel’s premise, characters, and plot resulted from visions brought to him by Ayahuasca.
This is the reason I bought the book years ago, but to be honest it's taken me all this time to pick it up and start reading it, and I have to say it's one of those books that I find hard to get into and hope I'm not wasting my time reading.
It's a book that when I put it down, I don't really want to pick up again ... but I'm persisting because I really admire Graham's non-fiction books and I want to get to the end so I can make up my own mind as to whether the vine threw a curve ball at Graham, or not.
I went to the Goodreads website to checkout reviews on the book to see if it was worth my while to keep reading the book, or not and most reviews were positive, except for f#@kwits like Mur Lafferty and Wendy Christopher who reviewed and RATED a book they never finished.
Mur and Wendy you don't get the right to review a book you didn't complete, I don't want to know if you couldn't be bothered reading the book, that is not a review of a book, that is just an opinion of a book YOU DIDN'T READ.
That's like reading
Genesis and telling me what you thought of reading the whole Bible.
But thanks Mur and Wendy, because you have motivated me to keep reading 'Entangled', so when people ask me what I thought of the book at least I'll be able to say I read the whole thing ... and then give my opinion of it.

UPDATE: June 20th, 2017
Just finished reading 'Entangled' today and have to say that it was one of the most violent pointless books I have ever read.
Did Whitley Strieber and Colin Wilson really read this book right through to the bitter end?
I love Graham's non-fiction books like Supernatural, but this book had to be put into Graham's head by some Trickster spirit, because it is a bigger stinker than the Ayahuasca brew he describes in the book, and reading it will just put a sick feeling in your stomach, too, unless you happen to be a serial killer, then it might be right up your alley.
I have two questions for Graham as to writing this book.
And WTF is it all about, apart from how cruel humans can be to one another?
My advice is to save your money and time and maybe just stick it Graham's much better non-fiction books, like Supernatural.
If this was Mother Ayahuasca's gift to Graham, then I don't want her sending me any presents, especially his fiction books.
And I've still got Graham's 'War God' on my shelf to read, surely it has to be better than 'Entangled'.
So, Mur Lafferty and Wendy Christopher were right to stop reading the book when they did, but that still doesn't give them the right to review and rate a book they didn't read, but I do, as I read it from cover to cover and wish that I hadn't.
One star from me.


  1. Had the privilege to be at Contact in the desert. Good vibes from Mr. Hancock. He is an astute knowledge seeker of all things spiritual. A multi faceted jewel he is. 87

  2. Yes, I've seen Graham at two live events out here in Oz and he has my utmost respect Dennis...but I'm just not too sure about his fiction writing at the moment.
    I'll carry on reading 'Entangled' and I hope it turns out a good read when I'm done, as I also purchased his book 'War God' at the same time I purchased 'Entangled'.