" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 11, 2017

"St Sophia is going to be born again" ?

Hagia Sophia in Turkey
A scene of PKD and his cat from the movie 'Radio Free Albemuth'
Gli the cat in Hagia Sophia in Turkey
Some weird cat synchronicities lately for me.
I was listening to the latest podcast at 'Third Eye Drops' called
'Life Has the Best Graphics' and Michael talks about the recent loss of his cat and starts off the podcast referring to his guest Michael Donovan's blog being mainly about cats and babes.
Mind Meld 61 | Life Has the Best Graphics, with Michael Donovan
At the same time I was reading the latest post at the
'Tek - Gnosics' site about PKD's works called
'The Buddha is in the Park' where Jack Heart wrote -
"The means by which we escape PKD's Black Iron Prison, is the liberation of the mind, in tune with Gaia... or, to use the Gnostic allegory, in tune with Sophia... the great feminine aspect of Divine knowledge.
The Black Iron Prison represents the last vestiges of the old, patriarchal paradigm.
The prophecy foretold in PKDs Exegesis as:
"St Sophia is going to be born again" represents the rise of the new paradigm, the rise of the feminine... the great mother."
I had not heard that phrase PKD wrote about St.Sophia being born again, so I put the phrase into Google search and came across a story about a cat that hangs around Hagia Sophia in Turkey -
Loyal Cat Lives At The Hagia Sophia In Istanbul
Gli particularly loves basking in light and warmth
PKD was obsessed in his writings about his pet cat which was run over and killed.
Michael writes about putting things on a pedestal in the intro to his podcast at 'Third Eye Drops'
"We love to punish ourselves by putting things we don’t have [on] a pedestal.
Maybe in your case it’s a particular car, job, watch, or even person you covet, maybe all of the above.
Whatever your particular unrequited desire is, the game is the same and it’s inherently unwinnable.
It’s literally an exercise in taking stock of what you don’t have, why you don’t have it and all the reasons you fall short of this hypothetical thing."
And I see the cat at Hagia Sophia likes sitting on a pedestal.
"Yes, the catalyst of this is personal, I just lost my favorite fur-baby, a cat I’ve had since he was a few weeks old whom I snugged with nearly every day of his life for a decade.
The very same feline who was the inspiration for our
Psychedelic Kitty Sage shirt."
"The Holy Martyrs Saint Sophia and her Daughters Faith, Hope and Love were born in Italy. Their mother was a pious Christian widow who named her daughters for the three Christian virtues.
"Today, when Russian-Turkish relations are undergoing an “endurance trial,” mutually friendly initiatives and proposals are of special importance, Gavrilov says.
“The Russian side deems it possible to return to the question of Agia Sophia, the ancient shrine of the Christian world, located in Constantinople – an ancient Byzantine cathedral associated with the history of the universal Christian Church.
We expect a friendly step from the Turkish side - returning Agia Sophia of Constantinople to the Christian Church,” the deputy said.
He added that Russia is ready to participate financially, and to involve the best Russian architects and scientistsin the restoration of the universal Christian monument.
“This step would help Turkey and Islam demonstrate that good will is above politics.
Agia Sophia should be returned to Christians,” the parliamentarian said.
Agia Sophia in Constantinople was converted into a mosque and in 1935 Agia Sophia acquired the status of museum.
It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List among the other monuments of Constantinople historic center in 1985."
Hmm ... "St Sophia is going to be born again"?


  1. Exegesis Is a trip thru PKD's search for the divine. I feel his writings and thoughts/letters is in all ways seeking to define the divine. His journey had many exits and few rest stops. On and on and on and on. To shine forth is key! 87

  2. Darren...

    Per our earlier conversation, PKD's full quote on St Sophiais as follows... "St Sophia is going to be born again; she was not acceptable before."

    The second half of this quote puts an interesting spin on PDK's intent...