" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 19, 2017

Jesus Saves?!

After just getting a new tattoo myself a few weeks back and told not to go swimming with it uncovered -
I read this news story about a guy in the USA who got a Jesus tattoo, went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and caught a viral infection and died -
US man dies after flesh-eating bacterium infects new tattoo
"A Texas man has died two months after contracting a flesh-eating bacterium through a new tattoo on his leg, medical officials say.
The man
, who has not been identified, had received a tattoo with the words "Jesus is my life" five days before going for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico.
The man was then admitted to a Dallas hospital complaining of severe pains nearby to the tattoo on his calf.

Doctors at the Parkland Memorial Hospital put the man on life support 24 hours after he was admitted, as he went into septic shock.
Doctors say he tested positive for the flesh-eating bacterium
Vibrio vulnificus.
The British Medical Journal
reports that the pathogen is common in the Gulf of Mexico's coastal waters, and the risks of infection rises during warmer months.
My fairly new tattoo I got a few weeks back
Ironically, I wouldn't go swimming in the ocean with my new "Sharks" tattoo, because I'm afraid of being attacked by a real shark if I went swimming, so I don't swim in the ocean unless I have to.
And if I did go onto life support like the poor bloke with the Jesus tattoo in the news story, then my other tattoo would have done me in anyway:-)
I wouldn't call myself a Christian, even though I am a current member of the Liberal Catholic Church (not that I have set foot in the church for 20+ years now), because they let you believe in reincarnation (which I do), if you want to, although they don't really preach it.
I can see atheists and members of non-Christian religions having a laugh at that poor bloke who died with the new Jesus tattoo, saying "where was Jesus when you really needed saving?"
But I'm a firm believer that when your number is up, it's up, and for the people having a laugh at that poor bloke, well I guess you haven't had an NDE, or OBE, because there is a lot more to life and death than you think ... or don't think about.
So, if you get a new tattoo and go swimming, cover it up and stay away from the sharks.
Go the Sharkies!!!

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