" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 3, 2017


I saw the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie this week after just having finished reading Gordon White's book
'Star.Ships: A Prehistory of the Spirits' and I remembered an old post Gordon had written at his Rune Soup blog about the first four movies in the series -
The Star ruby?
In 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' I believe the magical themes continue and the movie is worth seeing if you bear that in mind and I think it's no worse than any other 'Pirates' movie that's gone before it.
"Captain Jack Sparrow searches for the trident of Poseidon while being pursued by an undead sea captain and his crew."
Paul is Dead? Dead Men Tell No Tales?
Released May 26th, 1967
And on a syncromystical level there was some very strange connections in the real world with the week this film was released and the death of 007/Roger Moore passing away on the day of the Manchester bombing (take a good look at the ship and trident in the Man U logo) and Paul McCartney appearing in the new 'Pirates' film.
That's bound to get the conspiracy crowd wetting their pants about the great "Illuminati" group that controls everything on the planet better than God seems to do.
And don't forget the earth is flat, too ... right?-)
Synchronicities are like signs from the universe and like signs they are neither good or bad, they just are.
Good or bad signs, or synchronicities are determined by us as to what happened around those signs, or synchronicities coming together.
Ultimately it's the God who makes the grass green who is responsible for whatever reason for bringing together, or letting those events happen.
Just a thought for you fundamentalists trying to point fingers at some imaginary evil cult coordinating all the evil in the world as YOUR God stands back and lets it all happen.    
Was the Passing of Roger Moore in 2017 in the Cards?
Ironically Gordon wrote in his post 7 months ago -
"Greed is a ghost virus, but passionately wanting is not.
Jack wants the Black Pearl back not because it is his possession
(we find out in later films it isn't)
but because -as he tells Elizabeth- of what a ship is:
It is not sails and a rudder and a hull.
That's what a ship needs.
What a ship is, is freedom.
It is the interplay between the ghosts of empire and its agents that forms the great moral lesson of all four films.
The pulse sent out from Port Royal as Elizabeth's pirate medallion hit the ocean not only summoned the Pearl, but it set in motion the great opposition that defines the series.
This would be what Catherine Austin Fitts calls the 'human' versus the 'inhuman'. 
Empire versus freedom, organic versus mechanical."
Seems like "The Trickster" is alive and well.
Fans in Brisbane, Australia during the filming of Pirates 5
That photo above with the police taking selfies with Johnny Depp was not actually in Brisbane, but in a shire just outside Brisbane called the Redlands Shire, or now days called Redland City, I think.
A day or two of filming took place in the waters off Cleveland, which is in the Redlands Shire/City.
The main football (soccer) club in the Redlands shire/city is Redlands United (The Red Devils) and they now have a trident in their logo, as well.
I used to play for the club as a junior about 40 years ago ... but don't worry, I'm not a Devil worshiper.
I believe in the Devil as much as I believe in the flat earth theory ... not one bit.
Ghost ship attracts star spotters
I actually saw the movie at a cinema complex in the Redlands Shire.
I also got a new tattoo that I had been meaning to get since last year's grand final.
I got it a couple of hours before seeing the movie in a tattoo parlour in the same complex as the cinema.
My Happiest Birthday Ever
The last tattoo I got was at Sharkies tattoo at Byron Bay, also before seeing a movie at the cinema -
Life Support?
And I got the idea for that tattoo from a tattoo I saw in the Johnny Depp movie 'Transcendence', oddly enough and I saw the film
'The Maze Runner' after I got that tattoo, which is synchy because I was wondering who the young actress was who was playing
Carina Smyth in the new 'Pirates' movie when I was watching the film and it wasn't until I started writing this post and looked up her acting credits on her IMDB page that I found out she was a star in 'The Maze Runner'.
I knew the face looked familiar.
Kaya Rose Scodelario as Carina Smyth
My copy of Gordon's book 'Star. Ships'
The ruins of GΓΆbekli Tepe
Now if you have read Gordon White's book 'Star. Ships' you will know how much he raves on about the Headless Rite and the headless monoliths found at GΓΆbekli Tepe.
The Headless Rite ... right?
You might want to bear that in mind when you see the guillotine scene in the new movie;-)
Those monoliths remind me of another favourite movie of mine come to think of it.
The Gospel of Tommy?
 Or Johnny the Baptist?
Star. Ships ... and Hobbits
Gordon mentions The Nuit Formula at the end of his 'Star. Ships' book, so if you have read that part of the book bear in mind the island right at the end of the movie and the importance of the ruby as the piece of the puzzle in what could be a banishing ritual, much like the Star Ruby.
Not that I'm saying Gordon is referring to the Star Ruby ritual, but bear the Nuit Formula/Star Ruby in mind at the end of the film and maybe the name "Red Beard", but not necessarily the English words for red beard;-)
The Star Ruby
"The rituals begins with a command, determining the purpose of the ritual - banishing.
In this context "All evil spirits" mean much more than just the common conception of "evil spirits".
It is used to banish away all spirits that could be harmful or restricting to the True Will of the person doing the ritual.
Forcing the air out of the lungs symbolizes blowing these evil spirits away.

True Will?
Notice that some of the other 'Pirate' movies were released on May 25th?
Released May 26th, 1967
For some reason the movie was released on May 26th instead?
You could say that this film is either a rough diamond that needs more polishing, or a Star Ruby, I guess:-)
Pirate Necklace

UPDATE: June 7th, 2017
Everything is connected it seems, but not always in a good way.
When I wrote the above post it was the connections between
Roger Moore passing away the same night as the Manchester bombing and Paul McCartney singing the title track of Roger's first 007 Movie 'Live and Let Die' and Paul  appearing in the film
'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales', which was mainly filmed in Australia being released the same week of Roger's passing.
Not to mention the same week that Sgt.Pepper's turned 50.
Read the news today that Sara Zelenak, who hadn't been heard from since the London attacks last weekend, was confirmed as one of the dead today, June 7th.
Sara grew up in the Redland City suburb of Ormiston, which is right next to Raby Bay, where the pirate ship was docked and some of the scenes in the movie 'Pirates 5' was filmed.
The shots in the above post with Johnny Depp posing for selfies was at Raby Bay.
Sara's stepfather's surname is Wallace, which was the surname of my old coach when I used to play for the Redlands soccer club back in the 70s.
Coach Wallace (now deceased) top left
and I'm in that photo somewhere, too
"Ms Zelenak, who grew up on Brisbane's bayside, was working in the UK as a nanny and tributes have begun pouring in for her online.
Her close friend Sam Hetherington wrote on Facebook: "I can't believe we don't get to grow old together. Just Thursday I messaged you and you told me everything will always work out".
Another friend Sophie Clark added: "Such a beautiful, fun soul. RIP beautiful girl, you will be dearly missed!"
Her high school, Moreton Bay College, wrote on Facebook that its "hearts are broken" by Ms Zelenak's death.
Seems like the world is a small and sad place at the moment ... but it is bizarrely all connected in some unfathomable and sometimes seemingly cruel way.
Mars, Man U, McCartney and the Reds?

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