" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 9, 2017

Klaxons Entangled and Surfing the Void?

I wrote a post recently about trying to read Graham Hancock's fiction novel 'Entangled', but finding it hard to get into -
Graham claimed it was the ayahuasca vine that gave him the story for the novel and asked him to write it.
Well, while I haven't finished it yet I must say once I got past chapter 11 it became easier to read, as far as my interest in the story goes and I thought it was rather interesting on a pop culture level when Graham wrote a couple of sentences in chapter 19 mentioning a Dr. Grinspoon and a klaxon going off.
"She could hear Grinspoon just behind, yelling something.
A klaxon began to sound."
Around the time Graham wrote this novel there were bands called Grinspoon and the Klaxons doing alright in the pop charts for themselves.
The Klaxons were a band who claimed their music was inspired by the ayahuasca vine, as well.
I never knew a klaxon was a loud electric horn often used as a warning signal, I thought it was probably a space monster off the Dr.Who TV show or something like that.
I had bought the Klaxon's album 'Surfing the Void' years ago because I had read about their writing of the album because of their ayahuasca experience ... and because I liked the cat in the spacesuit pictured on their 'Surfing the Void' album cover, as well.
My Cat Sylvester (R.I.P.) and Memories (CATS) of the Future and the Past?
The funny thing was as I was writing this post up I saw two news stories today, one about a cat being saved from being electrocuted -
Ash the cat?!
Canberrans beg ActewAGL to save kitten by turning power off to street in Chifley
"ActewAGL confirmed it received a call on Wednesday from a Chifley resident whose dog had chased their cat up an electricity pole.
"When the kitten didn't come down the resident contacted
ActewAGL for assistance in rescuing their cat," branch manager Clinton McAlister said in a statement.
Some in the
Canberra community took to social media to plead with the electricity provider to shut down the power so the kitten could be rescued.
As of 9:30pm on Wednesday there were 27 comments on an
ActewAGL Facebook post — a public service announcement to

"dial before you dig"."
And the other about the Milky Way galaxy being in a void -
Milky Way: Study shows galaxy exists in a huge void, may solve universe expansion hurdle
And Keira Knightley who made a brief appearance in the latest 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie is married and has a child to one of the Klaxon band members, too.
What life is like for James Righton after Klaxons split up last year
"It's never easy to call time on a band, especially when you have had huge success and lived out the ultimate rock star lifestyle.
But for Klaxons, after 10 years, three albums and travelling around the world a few times, they decided to go their separate ways.
For one third of the band, James Righton, life has changed completely since the band started.
He's married to actress Keira Knightley, has a daughter and says he generally lives a much calmer life than the heady days of life as a member of Klaxons.
He's now launched
Shock Machine, which is basically him with a touring band.
He says he definitely didn't want to use his own name.
"It was tough to end a band that you've been in for 10 years," he says.
"It just felt like a really good point to say, 'Let's take a break for a minute and see what else we can do' and I felt I needed to do other things."

Keira Knightley & James Righton

I guess you might have to admit that things seem to be magically entangled in this post ... or should that be entwined? 

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